Meet the 14 year Aussie girl who forges $1000 blades.

We thought we had found the female wunderkind when we ran the “5 from the Grinder” piece with 18 year-old bladesmith Nichole Lindstrand, but there is a young woman from Australia who at just 14 already has several years on our friend Nichole. Leila Haddad started learning the craft from her father at age 6, and is […]

Dr. Sebastian Gorka follows TTAK, and apparently an “alarmingly high number” of Twitter knife-accounts

When I noticed that Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to President Trump and frequent surrogate on NPR and Fox News, followed us on Twitter, I thought “that’s kinda cool” since he follows only a modest 1648 accounts on his Twitter. (@SebGorka) seems to find the fact that 15 of those are knife companies or related […]

Transylvania University Machete-attacker posted Right-Wing screed to Buzzfeed

This morning (Friday) a former Transylvania University student attacked students in a campus coffeeshop, wounding 2 women with a machete. He reportedly asked his victims their political affiliation and said that it was “Judgement Day”. From On Friday afternoon, Lexington police identified the suspect as 19-year-old Mitchell W. Adkins of Cincinnati. A community post […]