Two sleeps ’till BLADE Show 2017…

I can hardly believe it is BLADE Show time again. When I went to my first show in 2014, it was just weeks after being promoted to Managing Editor. I was in completely over my head. My 2014 coverage was a bit scattered as I still felt like a trout-bum masquerading as a knife guy. […]

Knife-attack in China leaves 18 injured; 2 dead

There has been a spree-stabbing in Southwest China, where a man attacked 20 people, killing 2. Chinese knife-attacks typically fall in one of two categories, Uighur separatist terrorism and mental-illness. This attack appears to be the latter. From Fox News: The suspect, identified as Chen Guangliang, 30, was detained following Sunday afternoon’s attack along a […]

Sunday Funny: Sit and Spin edition (Updated)

If you follow Instagram accounts of EDC pocket-dumps, you probably noticed fidget spinners begin to pop up about a year or so ago. Back then, they were a novelty being carried by guys who liked high-end machine work. The wave began to build, to where the EDC community even began to make fun of itself, but […]