Blogger Anthony Sculimbrene issues formal retraction of “Greatest Knife” piece

“I allowed myself to form an opinion based largely upon the attitudes and biases of others. Had I known what I know now back then, and had I been thinking about the situation from a place of fairness, the article would have been very different.” (Anthony Sculimbrene – Everyday Commentary)

As a condition of his settlement with Microtech, blogger Anthony Sculimbrene agreed to issue a formal retraction of his post, “The Story behind the Greatest Knife of All Time.”

The above paragraph is from this retraction, published yesterday at Everyday Commentary, and:

“is my own words after much listening, thought, and reflection. Microtech has not asked me to say anything in particular, has not given me hints as to what to include, nor requested I make specific points.”

This closes one chapter in the ongoing Microtech Matrix/ZT0777/Kershaw Natrix flap. Microtech’s defamation suit against KAI-USA and their Social Media Manager Kale Beyer remains active.


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