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Only 4 days left to enter Ultimate Steel 2017 Early Bird drawing

Ultimate Steel™ is Knife Rights’ big annual fundraiser. Over $200k in knives, guns, and gear are up for grabs in this year’s drawing. Just wanted to offer up a quick reminder that there are only a few days left if you want your donation to be eligible for the “Early Bird” drawing. There are more than $30,000 worth of knives and other prizes in the pool. Deadline for entry is 11:59 PDT May 15, 2017.

Unlike David, who has won a knife each of the last two years, I have come up empty. Instead of donating in person at the BLADE Show, I am going to do it in time for the early bird.

My $100 donation comes with 9 entries which will roll over into the general drawing if I don’t win, and I am guaranteed a special edition SOG Flash II as well as a 1 year membership in Knife Rights. So I have that going for me.


There are other awards at various donation levels. Click here to visit the Knife Rights Ultimate Steel homepage, and please donate today.



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  1. witness slips helped the illinois switchblade bill make it out of committee. foid holders would be allowed to carry auto knives.
    of course, chicago’s restriction will remain in place because of west side story.

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