Sunday Funny: Always choose the proper slicing implement for the task at hand

Not much I can offer by way of commentary on that one, but it gives me a chance to drop a quick Housekeeping note.

As this goes live, I will hopefully be flying over Kentucky on my way to Wyoming/Idaho/Montana for a week of fishing (via Chicago), so be sure to wave as I pass you by. David and Dan will be holding down the fort in my absence, and I have scheduled a few things in the queue as well.

Mostly thhough, I wanted to give everyone a heads up for Wednesday the 21st. That is the day I will be visiting both TOPS Knives and ESEE (Rowen Manufacturing technically), and while I won’t be writing here at the blog about it until I get back, I plan on Instagramming a ton of pictures (@knifetruth).

Be sure to check it out.

I lived outside of Idaho Falls from 2002-2006 where I built boats for Hyde Drift Boats, guided on the Snake River, and wrote for a local weekly newspaper – my first paid writing gig.

It is going to be nice to visit some old friends, and share my old stomping grounds with my buddy Doug. I imagine there will be some fishing pictures uploaded as well for those who are interested.

Either way, we have a couple of 5 from the Grinder posts scheduled, David has some more BLADE Show content, and knifemaker Todd Hunt will hopefully be making his TTAK debut. Be sure to drop by. I might be travelling/fishing/drinking beer, but TTAK marches on.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Sam L. says:

    You have yerself a good time “back at”.

    1. Thanks. Hopefully there will be lots of fish pictures on Instagram as well

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Sunday Funny: Always choose the proper slicing implement for the task at hand

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