The Knives of History’s Alone: Season 4?

For the past two years, (Season 2 here and Season 3 here) we have brought you a breakdown of the knives carried by contestants on History’s hit Alone TV-series. I would have loved to do the same thing again this year, but there is just one problem.

History has made it impossible to do so. In years past, they have produced videos, released ahead of the season premiere, that show each contestant going over their ten items for the viewers to see what they have chosen. From those videos, I have been able to see and identify the exact makes and models of the blades being taken into the wilderness. They have elected not to post those videos this year.

Perhaps it is because of the new twist introduced this season. Rather than putting a contestant out by themselves, Season 4 is putting them out in teams of two family members. One is placed in a location where they are responsible for shelter building, and the other is placed some miles away with a compass and a bearing, and they must reunite and survive. They are still limited to ten selected items, but those items must be split between the two people.

For that reason, fixed blade knives are no longer on the list of ten items that the contestants can choose. Instead, each contestant can carry a knife and a ferro rod, without it counting against their ten items. So even if history had released the “10-item Videos,” the knives might not have made it to screen anyway.

Which is disappointing. I’m not going to lie… our “Knives Of Alone” post is typically one of our highest performing posts throughout the season while the show is airing. Even now, our Season 3 post is showing up in our daily top ten, because this is a subject that people are trying to find via search engines. We have even had previous years’ contestants chime in on the comments to provide more info on their blades and to join in the conversation, including Season 2 winner Dave McIntyre, Nicole Apelian (also from season 2), and Callie North from Season 3.

So if anyone from History happens to be reading this… people are obviously curious about the knives your contestants are carrying. If you would like to help get that information out there, please drop us a line at – we would all be very excited and thankful if you did.


11 responses to ‘The Knives of History’s Alone: Season 4?

  1. This show has one of the best philosophies of any ‘survival’ show. Maybe THE best.
    The knife has a major role in any survival scenario and it’s great to see how the different types of knives perform. Given that each contestant has some knowledge and skills, it is a good test of each knives’ ability.
    I suppose we will have to watch and see what shows up.

  2. The show is fascinating because it plays on the belief that with enough knowledge and proper basic tools, one can sustain themselves in the wild. The reality is very few places in the world have the resources available for an individual to survive without agriculture and a division of tasks among members of a small collective. It’s a fantasy that survivalists, bushcrafters, etc indulge ourselves to believe. It’s become clear over the first few seasons that skills are secondary to a proper mindset, and the fat reserves of the contestants. It’s a starvation and mental challenge that happens to be set in the woods.

  3. Agreed, Dave! Thanks for keeping up with this. Hope they also release other items carried. Don’t know why they would’t

  4. The two brothers that tapped on the first day are knifemakers, and so they had their own blades. Possible that exposure is why they did the show. I think the dad from the first father/son duo to tap was carrying a Fiddleback Forge Production Camp Knife. Another dad (Sam) is seen using what appears to be a Ka-Bar Bowie.

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