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Nashville woman survives being stabbed 37 times; shot 4 times

Robert Jesse Mount killed two others in the attack

Laura Jastre was just pulling into her friendly, neighborhood meth-house when an acquaintance started shooting.


“Before we could even put the car in park, he just starts shooting,” Jastre said.

Wooten was shot several times and died at the scene. Jastre and Clement ran inside the home but Mount followed them.

“Jesse sat on top of me and he had a hunting knife in one hand and a box cutter in the other and he’s stabbing me,” she said. “I’m catching it with my hands but he catches my eye with the box cutter.”

Her hands have multiple scars and two of her fingers won’t move. At the end of the ordeal, Jastre had been stabbed 37 times and shot four times.

She also has half a titanium skull and an acrylic eye.

Don’t do meth kids.




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