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Wood Splitting: Beast mode

I used to think the Powers brothers’ double samurai tree trimming was the most impressive dual-wielding video I had ever seen. What it has in precision technique is more than made up for in brute force by this guy. I don’t think it is an OSHA approved method of wood splitting, but wow.

Personally, I think this is nuts on many levels. Then again, I am somewhat biased, having almost killed myself while splitting wood. I think I will give this technique a pass.


3 responses to ‘Wood Splitting: Beast mode

  1. At $50 per hour with his own contracting license, liability and med insurance I owe him $7.
    Thinking about a $10 tip, Gatorade or water on me.
    I’ve split my share of wood along with the ricochets, very impressed with the physical part not such much on the when am going to cut off my own leg part.

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