FBI Statistics: Four times more people killed with knives than rifles in 2016

Ar-15 vs Knife

Knives were used in 4 times as many homicides as rifles in 2016

I am cautiously optimistic that the post-Vegas push to “do something” that in no way will actually “do anything” to prevent another massacre will get bogged down and fizzle out without amounting to anything. There have been a dozens of news distractions cycles since then, and without getting overly conspiratorial – too much attention on the gun issue will also shine a light on how much the investigation and timeline don’t seem to add up.

The concept is not a new one to most of you, rifles represent a small fraction of firearms homicides, scary black ones an even smaller fraction. So small in fact, that according to the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Report: knives were used to kill 4 times as many people as all rifles in 2016.

From Breitbart:

The FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for 2016 shows more than four times as many people were stabbed to death than were killed with rifles of any kind.

And because the category of rifles covers every type of rifle, this means there would be an even greater divide between the number of people stabbed to death versus those shot to death with an AR-15 or similar rifle.

According to FBI: UCR Table 12, there were approximately 374 people shot and killed with rifles of any kind. There were 1,604 people killed with “knives or cutting instruments.”

Table 12 also shows that more people were killed via the use of “hands, fists, feet, etc.,” than were killed by rifles of any kind. In fact, the tally shows that the death numbers were not even close. While approximately 374 people were shot and killed with rifles, roughly 656 people were beaten to death with “hands, fists, feet, etc.”
Better get on “common sense fist control” right away. For the children. Of course even “fist control” would not have saved 9-year old Dericka Lindsay who was killed when her 325 pound cousin sat on her.


  1. Sam L. says:

    How many “assault” knives were used. and how many kitchen knives were used? Inquiring minds WANT to know!

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FBI Statistics: Four times more people killed with knives than rifles in 2016

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