Weekend Open Thread 11/17/17 – UPDATED

The Chris Reeve Knives are ugly ducklings in a case full of Randalls

UPDATE 11/18/17 : Scroll Down for original post. Newest links appear towards the top of the page.

Howdy Folks… I am just hanging out tonight watching some football and I thought I would take a few minutes to update the Open Thread with some fresh links. I

THAT’S NOT HOW THIS WORKS: Woman stabs man to break up fight at Circle K.

DEFENSIVE BROOM USE: Broom used to thwart Oxnard meatmarket robbery



NOT FLORIDA: Man stabs friend in back with vegetable knife over 15£ and borrowed radio.

NICE TRENCH KNIFE: Made from differential gears.


That’s all for the moment.  Have a great Sunday folks.

Original Post:

Happy Saturday folks. I hope all of our readers have a chance to get out this weekend and use their steel. For those of you who find themselves behind a screen today, I have myriad links for your reading enjoyment.

Ethan Becker was out of town at a knife show today, but a couple of us got together for our weekly lunch. Afterwords we dropped in at SIA Firearms. I have mentioned them before, more specifically their display case with about a dozen Randall knives.

It is just a cool place to hang out, especially to check out and handle their collection of historical military rifles. The picture at the top of this post is of the Randall case. It is quite a feat to have a display where the Chris Reeve Knives are the ugly ducklings, but that is the case here.

Now onto the links….

OSU ATTACK VICTIM SPEAKS: “I was sitting there watching the blood pour out of me,”

Dr. William Clark is one of 13 people injured last year in a car and knife attack last year at Ohio State University.

“You probably think about it some way most days,” Clark told NBC4. “I mean it’s a fairly, sort of vivid experience.”

It happened on November 28, the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Clark was among dozens of people who had been evacuated from Watts Hall because of a chemical leak in one of the lab. They were about to go back into the building when a car jumped the curb and crashed into the crowd, including Clark.

“It hit me and it knocked me up into the air and down onto the ground,” Clark said.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan got out of the car swinging a knife and charging at people.

Clark says he picked himself up and made his way into the basement of Watts Hall along with several students.

“I was sitting there watching the blood pour out of me,” Clark says. He had suffered two severe cuts on his right leg.

I AM STILL NOT SOLD ON CERAMIC KNIVES: This surprisingly affordable knife changed the way I cook.

NEW HAMPSHIRE, NOT FLORIDA: Love triangle in homeless camp leads to knife attack.


Omar Abdeirahim, 18, refused several commands to drop the knife, but his mother somehow managed to knock the weapon down the stairs, they said.

Abdeirahim “tightened his head lock on his mother,” at which point the officers rushed him and rescued her, Detective Sgt. Ronald Klein Jr. said.

“Once in custody, [Abdeirahim] stated several times that he wanted the police to shoot him and that he wanted to die,” Klein said.

FROM POPULAR MECHANICS: The Right Way to Sharpen Your Kitchen Knives

DUDE WAS ON A ROLL: Man jailed for 3 knife-holdups in 15 minutes

SEEMS LEGIT: Man caught with knife claims he was “buttering bread” when confronted about an argument.



Then again TTAK Readers knew this already:


That’s all at the moment. I have more and will update Saturday afternoon or evening.


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Weekend Open Thread 11/17/17 – UPDATED

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