Iranian immigrant attempts to incinerate bus; stabs 10 in Germany.

Germany bus stabbing

As Jim Gehaghty said on Twitter: “No German chancellor has done more to change the demographics of Europe since… oh”.

In a scene which is all too common in Angela Merkel’s Germany, an immigrant (who had attained German citizenship), attempted mass murder using both fire and a knife. He failed to kill any of his victims, and was restrained and arrested by bystanders.


The prosecutor’s office said the incident began when the attacker set fire to a backpack on the bus.

The driver said he stopped the bus after seeing smoke and was attacked by the suspect.

As the assailant left the bus, he stabbed several people with a 13-centimeter kitchen knife, the driver said.

Passengers then overpowered the man outside the bus and held him for police.

Investigators said flammable liquid was found in the backpack but no explosives.

The motive remains a mystery…

The authorities on July 20 said there was no information on the motive for the attack on a local bus in the northern city of Luebeck. They added they had no immediate indication the suspect had any links to terrorism or had been radicalized.

If it had just been a knife, I might be more receptive to a mental illness defense. However, bringing a backpack fire-accelerants seems to indicate a higher level of forethought and planning.



  1. cmeat says:

    tillerately, hilter.

  2. Michelle says:

    Except, in this case, the genius that is Merkel seems bent on the utter destruction of the German ppl and her country.

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Iranian immigrant attempts to incinerate bus; stabs 10 in Germany.

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