Indian man has 40 knives removed from his stomach

Surgeons in India performed a 5-hour operation to remove 40 knives from a man’s stomach. Apparently he had consumed the knives over a 2 month period. The man is recovering from the surgery and will be discharged after he clears a psychiatric evaluation. His reason for swallowing the knives: “He liked the taste of them”.


“He had a wild urge to consume metal. Even for us, the experienced surgeons, it was frightening,” Dr. Jatinder Malhotra told CNN.
“We were so nervous… a small mistake could have taken the patient’s life. In my 20 years of practice, I have never seen anything like it.”
Malhotra said they found foldable knives, which when fully extended were about seven inches long.
“He [the patient] says he swallowed some knives folded, and some unfolded. When we took out the knives — some were found folded, some were open, and some had even started rusting and were broken,” Malhotra said.
The patient, a 42-year-old father of two, told CNN he’s feeling much better.
“I’m sorry I let my family down. I’ll be forever thankful to doctors and hospital staff for saving my life,” he said.
For what it is worth, the psychiatric disorder attributed to those who eat non-nutritive items is called Pica. Often people with the disorder are suffering from vitamin/mineral deficiency. And while the man has sworn off even touching a knife in the future, Doctors have advised the man, “if you ever feel like you need more iron in your body, try spinach.”
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  1. Sam L. says:

    Popeye would agree with eating more spinach.

    I am amazed that he swallowed open knives and they didn’t open him up!

  2. stuartb says:

    Is that a Kershaw?

  3. Imp says:


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Indian man has 40 knives removed from his stomach

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