4 dead, 44 injured in mass-killing at Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade

Saturday’s Oklahoma State University homecoming parade in Stillwater, OK was the scene of almost unspeakable carnage. A woman’s callous disregard for human life left 4 dead, including a 2 year-old boy. A further 44 people were injured, many requiring hospitalization.

From CNN:

“All there was was smoke and panic. Half the emergency personnel in the county were here,” Haxton said.” People were running. (My) first instinct was to get my kids away from the street.”

Two Stillwater Fire Department vehicles participating in the parade were among the scene’s first responders, according to Tom Bradley, the city’s fire chief.”

This was not a mass-shooting. This was not a mass-stabbing. This was not a bombing.


Adacia Avery Chambers was arrested at the scene for suspicion of DUI after she plowed her car through a crowd of people.

Adacia Avery Chambers used her car as a killing machine. Sure, she likely never intended to kill people when she made the choice to drive drunk. That doesn’t lessen the heartbreak for the families of her victims or the Oklahoma State community.

There are laws on the books prohibiting driving under the influence. Public roadways are “DUI-free Zones”. Chambers used a common tool recklessly and irresponsibly, and scores of lives are changed forever.

Does it matter what that tool was? Should the pathological actions of a callous individual be a reflection on millions of people who use the same tool responsibly for work and pleasure every day? Did the car kill and injure those people, or was it Adacia Avery Chambers?


  1. cmeat says:

    couple few tons of steel at velocity. unintentional?
    so what’s a deliberate act like this going to leave in its wake? carnage.
    no one watching the hawks game knew why i was screaming “ban cars.”

  2. Grindstone says:

    Those who want to ban tools over similar incident don’t actually care about saving any lives. If they did, then they WOULD target cars over guns/knives since cars are responsible for more deaths in the US than any other manufactured item.

    Deepest sympathies to the Cowboys.

  3. PeterK says:

    Why is this not a trending topic? BLARGH! Stupid pathetic capricious mindless hypocrites!

    Okay done now, sorry. That makes me sad. Here’s hoping this can help change some people’s perspectives for the better.

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4 dead, 44 injured in mass-killing at Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade

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