413 Group announces “Warrior’s Seminar” with Doug Marcaida and Fred Mastro


For those of you on the left-coast, you have an opportunity to train hands-on with Doug Marcaida and Fred Mastro. (Image credit: Bayani Art)

I met Francis Serrano at this year’s BLADE Show. His company, 413 Group, is a marketing/consulting firm specializing in events and companies in the Filipino Martial Arts community. We exchanged information and agreed to explore partnership opportunities in the future. He contacted me the other day about special event that they are promoting – a 2-day seminar featuring Doug Marcaida and Fred Mastro.

This will be less relevant to those of you who are not around the Left Coast, as the seminar will be taking place in Rosemead, California outside of LA -(October 1-2, 2016). Over the course of 2 days participants will get to learn, through hands-on instruction, from two masters of the craft. Registration begins September 1, so sign up early if you are interested. The last time 413 and Doug put on a seminar it had a waiting list numbering in the dozens.

Even if you do not live close to LA-LA Land, make the jump for some videos including a wicked fight-ending technique from Mastro. Originally designed for bouncers, it is initiated from a neutral-stance and looks incredibly effective. I want to try it at Krav.

From 413Group:

The WARRIORS SEMINAR with Doug Marcaida and Fred Mastro. Hosted by 413Group, sponsored by Cannae Pro Gear, Russian Blades and Capsule Wallets.

Doug Marcaida arguably the most popular Filipino Martial Artist of this generation as well as judge of the History Channels’ Forged in Fire.   Doug or as he would like to be called Kuya Doug (Kuya is Filipino for older brother) skills in Filipino Martial Arts is amazing. It takes a special blend of practitioner to be extremely verse in Kali and yet be able to teach it as well. His skills is only surpassed by his humility. At the last 413Group seminar called I AM THE WEAPON after an 8 hour seminar, he took the time to take photos with every participants making him accessible to them all.

Now that Doug is coming back to Los Angeles he is bringing his good friend from Belgium, founder of Mastro Defence System, Fred Mastro. His style of fighting had been honed by real life situations and has been effective in numerous occasions. Like Doug, Fred is also an excellent teacher, based on personal testimonies of friends as well videos of his numerous seminars all throughout the world.  Did I mention this will be his first time in Los Angeles?

413Group is honored to be hosting the WARRIORS SEMINAR with Doug Marcaida and Fred Mastro. Our goal now is to make everyone attending experience to be memorable.

Date: October 1-2
Time: Check in 7:00 AM, 8:00-5:00pm
Location: Rosemead Masonic Lodge 8637 Valley Blvd, Rosemead, CA  91770
Early Bird (Before 09/20)
$200.00 for 2 Days
$150.00 for 1 Day
Angry Bird (09/21-10/01)
$250.00 for 2 Days
$200.00 for 1 Day
Shirt not available

For more info go to www.413Group.net

Readers will recognize Doug Marcaida (if you didn’t know him for his day-job) as a judge on History Channel’s Forged in Fire. Doug is an expert in several martial art forms, both open-handed and with weapons

Fred Mastro has worked as a bodyguard, fight choreographer, and security consultant who is being brought over from Europe to participate. He is the developer of the Mastro Defence System, which is a practical, street-oriented system drawing from the strengths of many forms.

As I said, I want to try that one in class.

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413 Group announces “Warrior’s Seminar” with Doug Marcaida and Fred Mastro

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