“5-year old running with a knife” is latest Internet sensation

People have rocketed to internet stardom for less entertaining reasons than this 4-second clip of a 5 year old little boy’s unbridled joy as he runs through a party with a knife he lifted from an Uncle’s pocket. Turn on the sound. I have probably looped it 50 times.

The Washington Post provides some background:

The “Knife Mom,” as the woman who bellowed “NO!” has since become known, is not actually Jonathan’s mom. “Knife Mom” is April Holsapple, 21, a friend of Ryan’s and of no relation to the family, who was waiting over by the beer pong table while Ryan recorded the video. Jonathan’s real parents were both out of frame with a larger group of barbecue-goers.

Jonathan, Ryan said, “has the best personality. He’s so funny. He makes anybody around him laugh.” But he’s also kind of a troublemaker.

“I saw Jonathan running around the pool,” Holsapple said via a Twitter DM. “I’ve always had a big mom instinct with people. … So I asked what he had. When he screamed he had a knife I just panicked and went worst case scenario that he was gonna hurt himself or do something bad.”

Too funny.

Have a great Sunday folks.


  1. Cadeyrn says:

    Well, it’s all about how it’s used, isn’t it? I fondly recall a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon from many years back where the mom walked in on Calvin who was happily hammering nails into the family coffee table. She screamed “Calvin, what are you doing???” He looked puzzled for a minute then asked “Is this a trick question?”

    So, hopefully mom gets to use this as an opportunity to teach junior some knife safety rules.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Coulda been…(oh NOOOOOOO) SCISSORS!

  3. We are always afraid to give knife to children.But we should not be scared.We should teach safety techniques with a knife.thanks for your valuable blog.

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“5-year old running with a knife” is latest Internet sensation

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