6th-Grader Brings Knife On School Bus. And?

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

In an act that school officials would probably describe as ‘reminiscent of the Newtown shootings and Boston Marathon bombings’, a sixth-grade student brought a knife onto a Houston-area school bus last Friday. He showed it to other students, and left the knife on the bus. Nobody was threatened, and nobody was hurt.

Despite all predictions, the world did not end.

From Click2Houston.com:

In a letter sent to parents, the district said a Twin Creeks Middle School sixth-grader showed a knife to some students on the bus on their way to school.

Spring ISD said students who had seen the knife told a teacher who was on duty at the school.

The student who brought the knife was immediately taken to the office.

The knife was left on the bus, and was quickly removed by the proper authorities.

In our effort to keep things calm when non-event ‘events’ like this occur, it probably doesn’t help things much that this occurred in the same school district where a student was stabbed to death on September 4th. Texas isn’t supposed to be hoplophobic, so I hope they don’t go all Gitmo on this middle-schooler.

Back in the day, many students carried small pocketknives like the one shown above as DIY pencil sharpeners. School stabbings? None. God help the student who misused a knife at school (usually for vandalism, and almost never for violence) but nobody tried to ban them after somebody slashed an auditorium seat once.

We also had a lot of pickup trucks in my high school parking lot (now under several feet of flood water, alas) and many of them had a shotgun or .22 rifle in the back window. School shootings? None. Nobody tried to ban those either, even after a kid in my Archery class committed suicide at home with his father’s gun.



  1. C says:

    They call in a swat team to take the knife off of the bus?

    1. Mistereveready says:

      If it takes a bunch of police officers to take out one guy who uses his finger as a pretend gun, why not? Remember weapons are dangerous and only those who are educated can ever handle them.

      Reminds me of when the police stole my firearms and I went to go reclaim them, I was told if I don’t get my ammunition within the allotted time that they’d have to call the bombsquad to come take care of it. I will have to make sure to call a newspaper editor anytime I gotta handle a #2 pencil and an English professor whenever I gotta touch a pen. I mean high capacity assault pencil.

  2. ToeKnee BelowKnee says:

    Please, don’t refer to badged pretards as educated.

  3. Duncan Idaho says:

    As far as cops go-

    Do not despise the racketeer- despise instead his sport. Cops and police are there to keep you safe. They often don’t have a choice when it comes to enforcing laws.

    Anyway, that situation could have gone much better if the student didn’t show the knife to other people.

  4. daniel says:

    Well that’s my school…

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6th-Grader Brings Knife On School Bus. And?

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