A brief history of knife-throwing acts, and some trick-shot throwing.

Honey Del Rio – circus assistant, circa 1955

I went back and forth trying to decide if this was worth sharing. The actual title of the article was “How dangerous are knife throwing acts?” which was a little bit of click bait as the answer is given about two sentences:

There are reports of assistants (whom knife throwers often refer to as “targets”) being struck by knives and requiring stitches, but these are primarily the result of amateur knife-throwing attempts. Although the sport is a dangerous undertaking, there are things professional knife throwers do to mitigate the risk.

But there are a few interesting historical tidbits, and combined with a few cool YouTube knife throwing videos make a decent distraction on a Monday afternoon.

Xolette is back, having taken some time off to have a baby. Here is her first video back, as she tries to work in some reps whilst juggling the baby (figuratively, of course.)


Adam Celadin is a champion thrower from the Czech Republic. I just discovered him today. His videos are somewhat odd, but certainly entertaining and feature some impressive shots.


And finally, if you ever wanted to see a variety of knives and tomahawks thrown into ballistics gel (and through some perfectly good pork ribs), this video is for you. I especially liked his throwing a Mosin bayonet.

Have a great week folks.

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A brief history of knife-throwing acts, and some trick-shot throwing.

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