A darn good knife story (and instructive too)

Photo from Survival Common Sense. You are going to want to read his whole piece.

I figuratively stumbled across this this evening, and loved it so much that I haven’t even had a chance to look at the rest of the author’s site. I had a couple of minutes, and I wanted to get this out as early as I could.

The piece, by author Leon Pantenburg comes from his blog, Survival Common Sense. It is titled generically enough: “What Knife do you carry everyday?” and begins with a simple question from a reader, with a fairly clinical response:

Right now, in my belt sheath is a Swiss Army Knife Tinker.

Now the disclaimer: I generally have three knives with, or on me, in my day-to-day existence as a community college instructor. On my key chain is a Swiss Army Classic. The dinky little knife is more useful than you can imagine, and it gets used way out of proportion to its size.

In my daypack or man purse, or whatever you call it, is a Fallkniven F1. I always carry this Swedish survival knife in a sheath, because it’s lightweight, rugged, and looks like a nondescript kitchen knife. (Think urban cammo.)

A very comprehensive setup to be sure, but was that last line – about urban cammo, that made me read further. It was a seemingly minor detail that to me at least, marked the author as someone who “gets” it. I wanted to read further.

He speaks of the Tinker as the most important of the lot, and goes into a patch of dry, technical details about the Tinker before the piece begins to take on a different tone, intertwining explanation and instruction into a fairly good yarn about the author’s go-to knife. I figured that some of you would enjoy it.

Or go ahead and peruse the rest of his blog or check out his YouTube channel. I have only skimmed the titles, but have already determined that I will not finish tonight’s Knife Madness post if I dive down that particular rabbit-hole right at this very moment. Expect to see more of Leon’s content in the future though.


  1. Thanks for the kind words! There’s plenty more knife reviews, stories and cutlery-related on Survivalcommonsense.com https://survivalcommonsense.com/category/how-to-chose-the-best-survival-knife-and-reviews-of-cutlery-products/

  2. Sam L. says:

    Thanks for finding this! Gonna eat up some time today.

  3. stuartb says:

    Great link…… and there goes my Sunday!

  4. Berneck says:

    I’ve been following him for awhile now. The title of his site says it all, Survival Common Sense. He is no nonsense, and speaks from real every day experience…

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A darn good knife story (and instructive too)

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