A Deliciously Dirty Move

Sometimes a move is just so awesome you can’t stop talking about it. That is how I felt (and still feel) when awhile back here at TTAK I heard about the stab-punch-through move with a Fairbairn-Sykes for sentry removal:

Here is a move that is a bit more practical meaning your odds of actually needing to use it are about 1-in-100,000 . . . as opposed to the one in a million chance you will ever need to take out a sentry. Still tre’ cool . Skip to 5:03.

(Or check out this previous post where we featured Doug Mastro)

Just the idea of kneeing a knife into your enemy is the type of thing that comes about if Yoda and Steven Seagal have a brainstorming session. Enjoy!

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A Deliciously Dirty Move

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