A Flag Day message from TTAK

“22” by Artist Danny Quick

It is Flag Day, and I figured it was a good opportunity to once again draw attention to a tragic statistic – 22 Veterans commit suicide each day in the United States.

Artist Danny Quick desecrated a flag, but it was for a larger purpose. He wanted to people to have an emotional reaction, and to channel this into trying to help.

In the words of Mr. Quick:

If come the end of the day, my putting holes in a flag is more offensive to you than families putting holes in the ground, because their loved ones put a hole in their head, than you’re missing the whole of it.

For those of you who might have missed it, here is my take on the artwork in question.

While it does make me cringe a bit, I support his actions and I am trying to do my part – both through amplifying his message here as well as in my own private endeavors.

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A Flag Day message from TTAK

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