A Houskeeping note and an update on Gerber Strong Arm testing

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I have finally found a comfortable and accessible way to carry the Strong Arm

I am theoretically guiding tomorrow, we will see what happens with the weather. I always hate to cancel a trip, but we need the rain. I am taking the Gerber Strong Arm out for the first time, now that I have found a good way to carry it.

Before I go into that, Stuart B. contacted me about his first-place prize in our Reader Essay Contest. He is choosing the Spyderco Sharpmaker from our Grand Prize Pool. That leaves the Tenacious, the Clipitool, and the Pop’s custom clip for our three other winners. I need the 2 Dans to please leave me a comment or an email and let me know your choices in order of preference. Bill J. gets the last one that is left. I will then reach out about the swag prizes from Blade and the SOB Tactical items.

As I said, I am planning on heading to the river in the morning, and I will be bringing along the strong arm. As I have described in prior reviews, I like to carry a knife vertically on my left hip, typically in a reversed/blade forward orientation.

The Strong Arm comes with a modular sheath that allows for horizontal, vertical, or MOLLE carry. I tried the vertical arrangement, which requires a nylon strap that attaches to the plastic with snaps. Unfortunately, the sheath swings free, and the positive retention pulls the sheath up and breaks the snaps free when you try to draw the knife. This wasn’t going to work or me on a wading belt. (I will have pictures in my formal review of the Strong Arm).

I experimented with horizontal carry when testing the Wilmont Wharny. I didn’t like how the handle stuck out and caught on my fly line, so I was hesitant to do this with the Gerber. I thought for a while and decided to attach it to my sling-pack instead, and was pleased with the result. When the sheath is set up for horizontal carry, it can be attached to the pack’s primary strap.

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The knife is out of the way yet accessible when the pack is swung around.

A sling-pack is a single-strapped backpack that spins around and opens to provide a work surface and access to your tackle. When fishing, you slide it to your back and fasten it with a small stabilizing strap under your right arm. They have gained in popularity over the past several years, to the point where companies are phasing out their traditional fishing vests. I made the switch this season when the Orvis vest I liked was discontinued.

When my pack is on my back, the knife is in a 3/4 position below my left arm (top picture) and high enough up that the handle won’t catch on my line. Even better, when the pack is slung around to the front, the knife rides the strap up and is out of the way, yet still accessible. This is an excellent situation for me.

If the trip happens, which is by no means a guarantee, I will begin my testing. I will obviously keep you posted.


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Be a fishing guide they said. It’ll be fun they said.


  1. stuartb says:

    “Will it float?”

  2. joleolsen says:

    Will it blend?

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A Houskeeping note and an update on Gerber Strong Arm testing

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