A reader tip on an $80 American-made fixed blade

Reader “Cmeat” is one of our most regular commentors, especially when he has an amusing caption or opinion to share. He is definitely the reader who most frequently makes me laugh out loud. He writes:

“Knife porn sends me chasing rabbits, to paraphrase your description.
Perhaps your readers might be interested in a mid- tech 440c for $80.
I’m half tempted. thanks for the burrows to explore.

I checked out the link, to Hendrix Handmade Knives, and the knife looks like it is a really solid value.

From Hendrix Knives:

Ruby and I rolled up our sleeves and got talking the other day (actually, a few years ago) about how we could make more of our knives available.

We came up with a thorough list of requirements that any high-availability Hendrix knife must have… no exceptions here. We decided then and there that we weren’t going to compromise on any of this:

    • Quality – Just like my custom designed knives, any new knife must pass our strictest quality examination.
    • Design – The knife must be designed with the true outdoorsman in mind. The blade, shape, and handle must be a true utility knife for skinning game or other outdoor uses.
    • Production – The knife must be made and assembled with similar uncompromising standards we’ve used over the years.
    • Durability – No cutting corners here. The knife must be made of durable stainless steel (440C) to provide a quality sharp edge and be corrosion resistant.
    • Value – Just like the great value you get from a hand-made Hendrix knife, this knife would not be an exception… must deliver great value for knife enthusiasts, hunters, and outdoorsmen alike.
    • Sheath – Can’t forget about this. Any quality knife must have an ox hide leather sheath made with the best craftsmanship.
  • Signature – Any knife I design must come with my laser signature designating it as a W. Hendrix knife. We won’t do it any other way.

After two years of working with a small team of experts in the knife industry, we feel we’re ready to offer you an amazing knife.

With my personal involvement, this W. Hendrix Design knife was produced at higher volumes yet maintains the highest quality. It took some time to get this right, but I think you’ll agree the results are amazing.

There are only a couple of ways for a custom maker to bring their designs to a broader market. One way is to partner with a big production company and license one of your designs. The downside of this approach is that one does not maintain control of their work, and I imagine the royalties are considerably lower than trying to do a mid-tech run more-or-less in house.

Of course there is more risk on the part of the maker, and I am happy to do my part to support a small maker trying to expand.


  1. Sam L. says:

    It would be useful to have some dimensions on this knife. Also, I note that his upcoming events are in 2013 and 2014.

  2. avid fan says:

    The use of 440c reminds me of something I read once. Supposedly, if memory serves, 440C can be hardened harder than most any other existing stainless steel.

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A reader tip on an $80 American-made fixed blade

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