A video Two-fer


After the whirlwind that was the NY Gravity Knife Bill push yesterday, I am in need of some levity. I am not sure when the legislature adjourns, but Doug Ritter has pulled down the action alert and is letting the chips fall where they may. Ironically, while TTAK and our social media blitz has wound down, our coverage has been picked up and reblogged several places, most notably by Bill Quick at DailyPundit, and Wes Siler at the Gizmodo site Indefinitely Wild. I have linked Wes’s pieces several times (here, here), and it is always great to have a knife ally who moves in a different demographic circle and reaches a different and very large audience. I am chuckling inside to think that while we have called off the dogs, we started enough of a ball rolling that it has generated its own momentum. I hope that Senator Douche-Nozzle feels the burn. Not that he cares. He is content to let these racist knife laws stand.

The above video has been making the rounds of social media, and as I am typing it it is being featured on The Nightly Show on Comedy Central. An axe to the arm looks like it hurts. From firsthand experience, I can tell you that an axe to the head most certainly does.

I am a big fan of machetes. I have never thought of them as a projectile weapon, but I apparently haven’t used my imagination. Looks like fun.



  1. jlottmc says:

    Ahh Jorge Sprave, I love that big goofball and his maniacal laugh. Good stuff with that one.
    As for that douche nozzle congress critter, I’ll say I’m glad I don’t travel to NY much less that city often. Still glad knife preemption passed and was sign here in TX.

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A video Two-fer

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