A Visit To Blade HQ, And Lots Of Knife Previews


Well guys, I finally moved out of California. I’m typing this from my apartment at University of Wyoming in Laramie. On my way out here I made a pilgrimage to Mecca Blade HQ, as I promised in my last article. I’ve been a kid in a candy store before, but a trip to Blade HQ was way better than that ever was.


As promised, I checked out some Bokers. I was really interested in the Federal after seeing Jim Skelton’s video on the custom version. I heard 2 days after that that Boker was making a production version of it. When the employee helping me brought out the first one, it had an incredibly sticky lock. This was the exact reason I wanted to handle in person before buying one. The second one was a lot better, but it still sticks from time to time. The sticky lock can be fixed by sanding off just a very little bit from the lock face. However there is one little problem: IKBS. I was just taking mine apart to do this and got lucky that I didn’t spill bearings all over.

That brings me to my next point: it is not as smooth as an IKBS knife should be. My other two knives with IKBS are incredibly smooth, but this one was so gritty out of box that I didn’t want to flip it because of the grinding sound it made. I oiled it up a bit and it was better, but one day later it needed more oil. It was kind of disappointing.


That brings me to the clip. It is too damn small and tight. I could barely get it over the lip of my jeans pocket. I’m not afraid of it falling out, it’s just a pain in the ass. It is awkward to slip in and out and doesn’t offer anything over a standard clip other than not being pushed into your hand when hard cutting (which I have never had an issue with). It is probably suited for dress pants. I think I’m going to sell this one.




This is the Boker Kwaiken. Let me just say that this is a great knife. This is the Blade HQ version with orange G10 and an enlarged thumb disk, which can still be a little tricky to deploy. This blade is full of sexiness, not only when deployed but also when closed. The blade disappears completely into the handle. It also has IKBS and, unlike the GTC, is actually smooth. I have high hopes for this knife.


And finally, the ProTech TR-3. This is my first ‘free’ knife. I couldn’t buy this in California because it is an automatic… and over 2 inches. (You can have automatics under 2 inches, and non-autos over 2 inches. California makes no sense). This knife is amazing. It fires with authority and a loud snap when it locks. Mine has an all-aluminum body and a blade of D2 tool steel, which I have no experience with. Again, I have high hopes for this blade.

You guys will never guess who walked in while I was there: Nutnfancy! I know many people hate him because he is cocky and is set in his ways, but his were some of the first knife videos I watched that really kicked off my addiction. (Ed: me too.) I don’t watch his knife videos much anymore, mostly because I hardly watch any videos on production knives.

I’m mostly in it for the adventure videos now, but it was still cool to see him. And we were both carrying Enduras.

Image: Nathan. All RIghts Reserved.


(I figured there might be a chance I’d see him so I wore my TNP shirt).



  1. Dad says:

    Cool, Nate!

  2. duroSIG556R says:

    That’s cool. Do you know if Nutn’ stops in on a weekly basis, or something?

    1. Nathan says:

      I don’t know. He was definitely in there for business. I saw the new TNP blade, which I’m not gonna reveal any details about

  3. Mark Davis says:

    Was nutnfancy taking a break from his job as a traffic flagger? What’s with the hi-viz gear? Seriously though, I do like his reviews, despite the fact they’re often very long.

    Congrats on the move, Nathan. I’m looking forward to seeing reviews of these knives.

    1. Nathan says:

      Reviews might be a while. I don’t have much testing grounds for EDC folders at the moment

  4. duroSIG556R says:

    Mark, Looks like he was riding a motorcycle. I wonder what this TNP knife collaboration is all about….Please spill the beans.

    Hopefully it’s not a lightening OTF engraved with TNP.

    1. Nathan says:

      Definitely not a Lightning OTF. I will say that the blade is out of my price range. And yes, he rode his bike in. (Just got an image of Nutn riding a tricycle with tassles and a bell…)

  5. Matt in FL says:

    Cool writeup, Nathan. Thanks.

  6. MRF says:

    Be careful with the Kwaiken: it is possibly the most gorgeous knife I’ve held and is so close to perfection but the blade edge and tip are not guarded well by the handle. Pretty easy to cut oneself with the knife closed. I ended up returning mine. If they ever rerelease the knife with that problem fixed I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

    1. Nathan says:

      I did realize that the day after this was posted

  7. duroSIG556R says:

    I wanted a kwaiken, but I needed an AUS8 blade like a hole in the head. I would of even been happy with their 440C.

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A Visit To Blade HQ, And Lots Of Knife Previews

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