About Us

Robert Farago founded The Truth About Knives in March of 2013 to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of knives. The TTAK team’s been at it ever since. We’ve built the site on word-of-mouth, strong writing, and a no-holds-barred attitude. Here’s the 411 on some of the people that do that voodoo that TTAK does so well:

Managing Editor: H. Clay Aalders (thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com)
Clay is a Tennessee fishing guide and all-around outdoorsman who uses edged tools every day at work.  He has been a TTAK contributor since the blog’s inception, and took over the reigns in April, 2014.  He reviews knives and edged tools, and keeps a keen eye on the politics of hoplophobia. Check out his day job at http://www.smokymountaingillies.com/.

Editor Emeritus: Chris Dumm

Chris has been a knife, gun and gear guy since birth. He got his first real knife, a Victorinox Tinker, at the age of seven and has rarely been without a pocketknife (where allowed by law) ever since. Chris was a long-time lurker at RF’s first website (Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned) and is a longtime contributor to the most widely-read gun blog on the planet, The Truth About Guns.

Associate Editor: David C. Andersen
David resides with his wife in the Washington, D.C. Metro area and has carried a knife ever since earning his Totin’ Chip as a Boy Scout. His favorite Merit Badges were Camping and Wilderness Survival, and his love of the outdoors continues to this day. A graphic designer by trade, he believes that form follows function, and appreciates knives that combine aesthetics with practicality. In 2016, David launched his own company, Nordsmith Knives, as a way to bring his ideas on knife design to market.

Nick Leghorn
Nick Leghorn is a volunteer EMT / firefighter with years of experience being rudely awoken in the middle of the night to act as a glorified taxi driver. His field of knife nerdiness is in the multi-function and rescue knives, which he uses while on duty and makes life oh so much easier. Nick is also the Testing & Reviews Editor over at TTAG, where his knife reviews usually ended with a picture of a Sig Sauer P226 to make the post seem remotely relevant to the topic of the website.

William Woods
Will is our TTAK’s knifemaker-in-residence who spends his days making wickedly cool blades we’d be writing about, if it weren’t such an obvious conflict of interest. He shares his vast knowledge of knives and knifemaking in his ‘Ask A Knife Maker’ column, and his own handiwork is on display at his website www.woodsbladeworks.com.

Nathan is TTAK’s Knife Geek in residence. We mean that with the utmost of respect for his encyclopedic knowledge of custom knifemakers, both well known and obscure. Originally hailing from California, where he grew up hiking and shooting, he now attends college in Wyoming. Having exhausted the world of production blades, his tastes now favor the higher-end customs – so long as they match their beauty and craftsmanship with functionality.

Jeremy Longmire
Jeremy is an outdoor enthusiast, hobby farmer, graphic designer, photographer, blogger, web developer, aspiring knife-maker, gear reviewer, and handy man. Creativity and attention to detail drive him to create unique digital and handmade goods. Visit longmireknives.blogspot.com/ or his YouTube Channel to find out more.

Jake Middleton
Jake remembers the first time he touched a pocket knife when he was about eight…and proceeded to slice a hole in his bedroom window screen thus letting a bat into his room that very night. He’s been hooked ever since and is particularly fond of traditional USA made fixed blades and folders. For his job as a home inspector/project manager he’s always seeking out the perfect work knife.

David W.
“Consummate little brother and dark child. Eclectic writer and world traveler – Dave is a dude who who does the dangerous, mysterious, and otherwise different.”   – Dave