Acid attacks gaining in popularity as UK authorities crack down on knives.

CCTV footage of an acid attack in a Tube station.

How is that civilian-disarmament program working out for you?

Proving once again that fetishizing an object does not end violence, some gangs in Britain are eschewing knives in favor of throwing acid on unsuspecting victims,  Acidic compounds are easily attainable at any number of stores, or from an old car-battery for that matter. Therein lies the rub. No matter how draconian the controls of a society, there will always be a multi-use item with legitimate legal purpose which anti-social individuals can exploit to cause harm. Period.

Acid appeals to thugs for a variety of reasons, according to Sputnik News*:

“Acid is a weapon of choice primarily because it is easy to conceal. You can have it on you… in a bottle, which means when the police stop you they’re not going to be able to detect it,” Lawlor told Sky News.

“”Not only is it easy to conceal, it is easily accessible. A knife is easily accessible as well, but the difference is with a knife, you have to be up close and personal with your victim,” he added.”

It doesn’t hurt that acid attack sentences are much lighter than those for some other violent crimes. Those convicted of acid attacks only have to serve up to six months in prison instead of four years for a knife crime.

Lawlor also commented that the increased use of acid is “not right,” adding that “in an acid attack the person is not going to die, but their self-esteem will be destroyed, their confidence will be destroyed, and they have to live with that for the rest of their life, while the perpetrator gets six months [in prison].”

Lawlor’s comments come after a 15-year-old boy was arrested on Saturday in Stratford, east London, on suspicion of grievous bodily harm, after a mass acid attack between two groups of males left six people injured, the Independent reported.

From Vice:

Unlike high-profile UK victims such as Piper and Naomi Oni, who was attacked by her jealous friend disguised in a veil, the new wave of noxious chemical assaults in Britain are now chiefly carried out by young men on other young men—mainly low-level criminals using acid as a tool of revenge and for settling petty disputes.

For young armed offenders operating under increased crackdowns on knives and guns, a chemical weapon has an advantage: It can be carried incognito in a soft-drink bottle and is legal, cheap, and easy to get. Sulphuric acid, for example, in the form of drain cleaner, can be bought for just a few dollars in any DIY store. But crucially, acid is a weapon with a uniquely grotesque impact.

“The primary motive of an acid attack is not to kill, but to leave its mark on an opponent—to disfigure someone for everyone to see. That’s why the face is often the target,” Jaf Shah of the London-based charity Acid Survivors Trust International said. “The shocking thing about acid attacks is that they are so premeditated: The perpetrator is aware of the serious physical and psychological impact these chemicals will have on the victim when they are buying it. That’s what makes this weapon so chilling.”

These attacks are on the rise, not just in London, but all over Britain. From Sky News:

And it’s on the increase: last year the number of reported acid attacks in London increased by 74% to 458. Since 2010 there have been 1,800.

There was a similar rise in the West Midlands and a national increase of 30%.

A teenager told the Sun newspaper this year: “It’s easy to buy and will mess someone up good. I feel safer carrying it to school.

“For a fiver you get drain cleaner, or you can buy ammonia for £3 and keep it in a drinks bottle.”

Campaigners have called for such household products to be made weaker or thicker to prevent criminal use.

And they recommend that all purchasers should have to register their personal details.

None of that will come in time to bring a sudden halt to the current growing trend of acid attacks which, until around 10 years ago, were rare crimes in the UK.

Because the State’s answer is always to make things harder for the lowly plebes. Sorry, I want my drain cleaner to actually clean my drains. I have to hack the spigots on my Gerry-cans to get them to flow properly, because a small percentage of people have nominated themselves for a Darwin award when mishandling gasoline. How about allowing your citizens subjects their God-given right to self-defense? If there were consequences for antisocial behavior, there would be less of it. A couple of ventilated attackers on the pavement might make the next yob think twice before using a knife/acid/car/stick/rock/bare hands to destroy someone’s life.


*I recognize that Sputnik is a Russian psy-ops site, but the acid attacks are real, and I included other sources with greater veracity.


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Acid attacks gaining in popularity as UK authorities crack down on knives.

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