ACTION ALERT: Michigan Switchblade Bill on Governor’s desk (Update: Signed 7/13/17)

Update: Governor Snyder signed it today 7/13/17 – Thank you everyone who called or wrote. 

The Michigan switchblade-ban repeal bill, which passed the legislature June 20th, is now on Governor Snyder’s desk. It is time for all of you who live, work, or travel in/to/through Michigan to step up and contact the Governor’s office and politely encourage him to sign it. Details below.

From Knife Rights:

Knife Rights’ Michigan Switchblade Ban Repeal bill, SB 245, has been sent to Governor Rick Snyder. The governor must sign or veto the bill  within 14 days or it becomes law without his signature.

If you live, work or travel in Michigan, please contact Governor Snyder and politely ask him to “please sign SB 245.”  That’s all you need to do, short and simple.

SB 245 simply repeals Section 226a (switchblade ban) of the Michigan penal code.
Knife Rights has repealed switchblade bans in Alaska, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.
The legislative action links are great if you are a Michigan resident, and will provide you with more information and an easy way to send an email if you use them. If you are not a resident (like me), it won’t give you the Governor’s phone number without a valid Michigan address. However, as someone who does occasionally visit to fish (or hopefully hunt this fall) I needed to locate the number myself. I will save you all the effort. You can reach Governor Snyder’s office at 517-373-3400.
I encourage you to do so.


  1. Firehawk308 says:

    Done. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Jason Julian says:

    Let’s hope he signs this, as he has proven to be fairly against most legislation allowing more freedoms to people with regards to “weapons”. I’m fairly convinced that Gov. Snyder accidentally had the “R” placed after his name in place of the “D” when he filed election paperwork.

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ACTION ALERT: Michigan Switchblade Bill on Governor’s desk (Update: Signed 7/13/17)

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