Almost A Knife: Hat-Mounted ‘Gotcha’ Defense Tool


Image courtesy FAB Defense

Don’t worry, we’re not becoming The Truth About Boomerangs. Instead, meet the FAB Defense ‘Gotcha’ self-defense tool: a twin-bladed striking/penetrating weapon that’s carried concealed in a specially-designed baseball cap.

Image courtesy FAB Defense

Of course, you’ll have to assume that nobody will notice a reinforced baseball cap with rivets in the bill and a tactical-style “shoot me first” velcro morale patch holder.

In case you’re wondering how to defend yourself from a spitted watermelon, this YouTube vid has some really good pointers. Just don’t ask how to defend yourself against a man with a pointed stick.




  1. Sam L. says:

    Sorta like punchy brass knucks.

  2. I_Like_Pie says:

    That guy pretty comically goes to town on that watermelon…I am not so convinced that more damage is done by this mall ninja tool than just punching the darn thing.

  3. Chris Moorhead says:

    Like a mini Klingon bat’leth…..a hat-leth?
    Sorry, someone had to say it


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Almost A Knife: Hat-Mounted ‘Gotcha’ Defense Tool

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