And now for some good news: KnifeRights turns 10


KnifeRights turned 10 yesterday. Thanks you Doug, Todd, Sue, and all the others who are fighting for all of us.

I just wanted to take a minute to say I regret that I have been so busy covering the bad news of late, that I haven’t had much time to balance it with much good. I had planned on updating my report on the Japanese care-center massacre from yesterday, but when I woke up this morning my feeds were blowing up with the situation in Normandy. I am still in PJs and my kids had to make their own breakfast.

That said, here is a bit of good news: KnifeRights celebrated their 10th Birthday? Anniversary? I don’t know what exactly to call it, but they turned 10 yesterday, and the Daily Signal did a great write-up marking the milestone.

From Daily Signal:

Doug Ritter, founder and chairman of Knife Rights, noted an “interesting contrast between our fight versus the gun rights fight because we generally receive a significant amount of bipartisan support for our bills.”

“We have had a number of NRA F-rated members supporting our bills,” Ritter said, referring to lawmakers in Congress and state legislatures with low scores on gun rights from the National Rifle Association.

That support, he said, made it possible for the group to successfully pass 21 bills in 15 states, all in the past seven years.

The Knife Rights leaders say they’re finding more and more Democrats advocating the group’s mission, a stark contrast between knife rights and gun rights.

“There’s a large group of traditional Democrats saying people shouldn’t get arrested for using a pocketknife as an everyday tool,” Rathner said. “To put it simply, we’ve got to stop arresting people for using a tool.”

After Knife Rights successfully lobbied to pass knife law preemption in Arizona, Utah, and New Hampshire, as well as legalize switchblades in New Hampshire, the group decided to take on Texas.

Read the whole thing.

You can help support KnifeRights carry on the fight at the State and Federal level by participating in their 2016 Ultimate Steel Giveaway. This is their primary yearly fundraiser where you can enter to win part of a prize pool of knives, guns, and other really amazing items totaling more than $170,000 – many of which are one of a kind collector pieces. But hurry – you need to enter before August 1, so what are you waiting for?

This seems like a good opportunity to shamelessly share my interview with Doug Ritter at the 2015 Blade Show for those who might have missed it.

Thanks Doug, Todd, Sue, and the whole KnifeRights crew for fighting so hard on our behalf.



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And now for some good news: KnifeRights turns 10

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