And the Reader’s Choice Jack-o-Lantern is…


Daniel V. wins his choice of the 3 knives for garnering the most reader (and visitor) votes.

The people have spoken and Daniel V. is the Reader’s choice winner. There was a bit of skulduggery afoot as he brought some friend’s with him. It appears that he is active on a Louisville Cardinals message board, and he put in a plug for the blog and for his pumpkin. His post accounted for 80 unique visitors over a couple of days. As benevolent dictator here at TTAK, I see no stated rule that was violated in this maneuver and applaud him for his shrewdness. Well played sir.

It sounds like he would like the Trident, “That top knife is hawt”, so if that is his choice it will be on the way soon. There were several reader comments saying let the winner pick, so this makes sense to me.

Jonathan will pick his favorite among the remaining 3 and let me know. I am going to try to see if I can get some knives donated for another go at the contest next year. Hopefully we can grow the contest going forward.

Thanks everyone.


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And the Reader’s Choice Jack-o-Lantern is…

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