And the Winner is….

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The winner of our “Caption This” photo contest will get this Limited Edition CRKT Minimalist.

The results are in and a winner has been selected. I first want to thank all of those who submitted pictures or added captions for the contest. Unlike last time, we actually have hardware in the prize drawer, and one of you will be receiving this “Chopfest Edition” CRKT Ken Folts Minimalist neck knife. I love mine, and wear it as a backup to my Mora when I guide. About as strong of an endorsement I can give this little blade.

May we have the envelope please…


When I think of dogs and knives, I think of a counter-top full of birds to dress out.

With 10 reader-submitted captions, not counting my two, reader Curtis gets the gear. Congrats and a heartfelt thanks. In my bio, I state “Dogs and Kids like him (me)”. But those are usually dogs of the sporting variety. Like a good knife, a good dog is always at your side, ready for action when the situation presents. Cujo here is obviously a good dog gone very bad.

As the late great George Carlin said, “Life is a series of dogs”. Here are a couple of loyal ones who belonged to hunting companions of mine. They are no longer with us, but they live on in my mind and will now live on in the digital ether as well. Thank you for the memories Dutchess and Rubye.


Dutchess was a hunting and field trial dog I hunted over in Idaho. She belonged to a friend and co-worker and was also dam to my own Lab, Billie Holiday.


Rubye was an English Pointer who belonged to a frequent hunting and fishing partner here in TN. She would never win a beauty contest, but she was about the nosiest dog you could hunt over.






  1. Sam L. says:

    So I paged back to July 1 and don’t find it. What was his caption? And found the pic June 27–but no comment from anyone named Curtis.


    The link above is the submission. The way the contest worked was the reader-submitted photo which gathered the most captions from other readers would be the winner. Curtis submitted the picture, and at 10 reader captions was the narrow winner.

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And the Winner is….

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