Announcing the 2017 Reader Submission Contest; Welcome Instapundit readers.

Welcome Instapundit Readers. Please have a look at our Blade Show 2017 coverage and let us know how we did.

My Associate Editor David Andersen (Nordsmith Knives) and I worked our tails off down at the BLADE Show2017 in Atlanta this past weekend, and it is gratifying to receive the “Brass Ring of Blogging” from The Blogfather for our efforts. Thank you Kind Sir, and thank you Instapundit readers for checking us out.

Since we are receiving the bump in traffic, I figured now was the time to announce our 2017 Reader Submission contest. Do you have a story about your first knife? An inherited treasure? A how-to on skinning a deer? A knife from your collection, pocket, toolbox, or camping gear that you would like to review? Something political on knives and the Second Amendment? You could win a White River Knives “Backpacker” or one of a dozen other prizes. Everyone who submits something should at least get a couple of stickers from BLADE Show sent their way.

Grand Prize (at the moment) is a White River Knives Backpacker.

The White River Knives Backpacker is  the most comfortable skeletonized knife I have ever held. It is made from a single piece of S30V and has a very ergonomic feel and full rounding of the finger choil. It is really solid 3″ neck knife which will undoubtedly serve its recipient well for a great many years. Other prizes are detailed in my Blade Show 2017 : The Haul post. We purchased the above knife with funds from the blog.

You can read the entries from our 2015 contest here, if you are in need of some inspiration. Otherwise, send your submissions (with at least one relevant photograph if possible) to I will announce a deadline at some later date, but will begin running entries as soon as they come in.

Since you have read this far, here is a little background on The Truth About Knives. We spun-off of The Truth About Guns in 2013, and remain part of the family as it were.

Our goal is to provide our readers the news, politics, and culture of the knife world, as well as the most in depth knife reviews  you will find on the interwebs. Please come back and visit us again, and please give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter (@knifetruth), or Instagram (@knifetruth) if you are so inclined. We have tons of BLADE Show pics on the Instagram feed in particular.


  1. Sam L. says:

    My first knife was a Cub Scout Knife, which I put away when I bought my Boy Scout Knife (which I have attached to my Scout uniform, and have sharpened the belly off of the main blade.) That CS knife is long gone. My third was a 5″ blade sheath knife, which I also still have, but it’s in storage so I can’t say what its brand is.

    1. George Carlin said “Life is a series of dogs”.

      Write your story up as “Life is a series of knives”. Just an idea.

      1. cmeat says:

        gilbert shelton said, through the medium that is zippy the pinhead, “life is a blur of republicans and meat.”

      2. Michael schoeneberger says:

        My first knife came to me when my Pappy died. He was a big man, a dairy farmer and I had witnessed some very heavy lifting jobs he did and pulled hay wagons by hand to hitch them up. My father just handed me this white celluloid handled imperial stockmans knife which of course I thought was pearl, what did I know? I was about 7 years old. I still have that knife, I’m about 55 now. That knife symbolized independence and possibilities and the potential and capabilities to do Anything. I was going to bring it with me when I hitched my dog Penny up with her harness to my awesome radio flyer wagon with my brown cotton sleeping bag that weighed about 40 pounds and my mess kit and canteen and headed to Canada from manchester Connecticut. I was hoping my father would give me Pappys .22 Stevens but I was just gonna bring my Daisy BB gun if not and anyway. 48 years and probably 1000 knives or damn close and each knife still symbolizes awesome possibilities to me. I LOVE THEM.

  2. Lorenzo Poe says:

    My favorite knife is my WWII fighting knife cut down from an M1860 saber and carried into battle by a Wisconsin Soldier. I carried it in my most recent tour in Afghanistan.

    1. Great! Put together 2-3 pictures of the knife. Preferably with you in one. And 3-4 paragraphs about the knife and using it and what it means to you.

      Send it in and see what happens.

      Thank you for your service.

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Announcing the 2017 Reader Submission Contest; Welcome Instapundit readers.

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