Announcing the Knife Madness Final Four; a call for reader testimonials

Hey there Knife Fans…

After a month of competition we have whittled it down to 4. Morakniv grabbed the last spot to join KA-BAR, Kershaw, and Zero Tolerance in the Final Four.

But as the saying goes: “There can be only one”.

We are going to run things a little differently for the final round. Instead of head-to-head, we are going to to pool the 4 finalists into a single 2-day contest. Instead of the comment and Facebook votes, we are going to use a formal survey site to run the polling. Nick Leghorn at The Truth About Guns (our parent blog) is going to set up a SurveyMonkey poll for us. The link will be announced at 12:01am EDT Thursday morning, and the voting will run through 11:59pm EDT Friday.

In our Round 1 matchups we did full company profiles of each participant. In Round 2 we featured YouTube content. In Round 3 it was “best of Instagram knife-porn”. In this final round we are going to feature testimonials both from company representatives and we want to let you all have a voice as well.

To that end, we are soliciting reader testimonials. If you own or have experience with the offerings of one of our Final 4, please send us an email ( with a couple of sentences (and a picture if you would like) explaining why a given company deserves to be crowned the winner. I will compile these along with the statements from the companies, and that will make up the content for our final round.

Thank you to all of you who have made this such a fun contest. Your engagement is what made this work. I know that there have been some rough edges that will need to be addressed before next year. Some of these include a better seeding system, exclusion/inclusion of some other companies, and probably run the whole thing via SurveyMonkey to avoid some of the Facebook voting confusion. I am leaning towards making KAI a single company entry as opposed to separating Kershaw and ZT. I am open to other ideas as well. The pooling of the Final 4 and using SurveyMonkey for the finals were both reader suggestions. Feel free to add you own thoughts, good, bad, or otherwise in the comments below.

Have a great day folks. We’ll see you tonight for the finals.


  1. Arctodus says:

    Outstanding contest so far.
    Fun to watch and play.

  2. WilliePfisterbottom says:

    Ka-Bar. I carry their little Dozier folder nearly every day. I had to put a new tip on it. It’s still razor sharp. At the price I paid thru AG Russell I could have simply ditched it and bought another. I have a Union Cutlery Dog’s Head folder too. It’s a Safe Queen. Now that Canal Street Cutlery is defunct this knife can only go up in value, as long as it never gets used. So yes, I view some of my knives, rather a lot of them really, as investments. They sit around. I occasionally fondle them, clean and oil them. One day they will belong to one or a few of my heirs.

    Don’t like ZT. I prefer Marttiini to Mora. Cold Steel makes affordable Mora-type knives too. I do have 3 Kershaws. Their using knives, not safe queens. All mine were Made In Japan. I am a Japan fan. Never got a loser from their industry. Italy too. If I could pick a personal winner in would be Böker. I have a few and I love the quality.

    To reiterate: KA-BAR (Killed a Bear)

    1. Thanks Willie. Love the 4-way explain for sparking discussion here. If you felt like just putting a few KABar specific sentences together about what in particular makes them great and dropping that in an email I will include it in the post tomorrow.

      As a side note, I have enjoyed your commentary throughout the contest. It is most appreciated. Thank you.

      1. WilliePfisterbottom says:

        Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Jon says:

    Knife madness was fun. I think the concept worked and other than switching up a few of the company’s featured I wouldn’t change too much.
    Also, please don’t combine ZT and Kershaw into KAI.

    1. We will see. I understand both sides of this one. I think you are the first to weigh in strongly against.

      They are definitely different companies with different philosophies. I will give you that.

      1. knightofbob says:

        I have very little experience with ZT, I will admit, and I will continue to freely admit my Benchmade fandom as well, so sore feelings and whatever, but ZT is to Kershaw as Cadillac is to Chevrolet, or Lincoln is to Ford. Same company, same philosophies, just better materials and different expectations for return on investments (if I remember right, back when Olds was scrapped, Cadillac was actually GM’s highest grossing mark, with the lowest turnout and biggest return.)

        I really want to move on to a decent mid-tech, since the Benchmade that has served me well for years is now lacking, but ZT has some offerings making me consider saving the money. I’m not hating for the sake of hating by any means. I also think KAI makes the best production kitchen knives. But they are all Kershaw.

        That all said, I guess leaving ’em separate makes just as much sense. We’ve come this far, and really, what is the prize aside from bragging points. Besides, none of my favorites are still in the running, let the opposition run against itself. Worked out in the presidential election.

  4. Switchblade says:

    I agree with you to enter one company name as KAI for Kershaw and ZT. Ka-Bar is under one name as well. They could be separated Ka-Bar, Becker, JAB, Jarosz as well.
    They are under one umbrella after all.

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Announcing the Knife Madness Final Four; a call for reader testimonials

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