Announcing the TTAK “Caption This” Contest


Send us your funniest “Caption This” photo. You could win a limited edition “Chopfest 2014” CRKT Minimalist.

The last contest we held, the Facebook Cover Photo search was a great success. We got to see some cool knives from your collections, and some very artistic compositions. We also got a great new cover photo to use on our Facebook page. Stuart deserves extra recognition because he has been incredibly patient in waiting to receive his Smoky Mountain Knife Works gift card. It finally went out this week with the knife I sent Chris.

I actually have a knife sitting in the prize drawer at the moment, a CRKT Minimalist that I picked up at Chopfest. It was burning its way out, so here are the rules for the contest.

Send me your most caption-worthy photo. Keep it knife related. Submit entries to . I will post them to the blog as fast as they come in. Readers will post their captions in the comments, (at least if this works how I hope). In a week or two when the number of submissions drops off, I will declare an end to the submission period. From that point, there will be 1 week of open comments. When this concludes, the number of unique captions submitted for each photo will be tabulated and the winner declared. You can certainly caption your own submission, but these will obviously not be counted.

photo (58)

If your funny picture generates the most captions from your fellow readers, you win this knife.

So go forth and scour the internet or your personal albums. Injury shots are ok, but try to make sure they aren’t too horrifically bad and that there is a larger context for people to come up with a funny caption. I don’t want the contest to turn into carnage-fest. I greatly prefer something in the spirit of the Pop Tart box at the top of the post. (feel free to caption that as a warm-up if you wish) If it is gross but not funny, it isn’t in the spirit of the context. Nothing less suitable for work than my brush with my splitting axe:

photo (14)

“You should see what the axe looks like…”

Have fun. I hope everyone gets a few good laughs. Who knows, maybe someone from one of the knife companies will send us something to give away to the best overall reader comment. (*clears throat)


  1. “I wonder if he got the point”

  2. Nathan says:

    “Found a box of sharp objects, what a wonderful thing.”
    -The Used

  3. It'sAlwaysRainyInPittsburgh says:

    Thanks, Honey! I’ve been in the mood for Pop-Sharps!

  4. CM says:

    For those who need to be told…

  5. Aaron Levin says:

    Better take this seriously. They’re also a cereal killer.

  6. Paul B says:

    Jerry really did not like the smiling elves.

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Announcing the TTAK “Caption This” Contest

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