Announcing the TTAK Facebook Cover Photo Contest


This photo is lame. We are sure one of you can do better.

Many of you have liked our Facebook page.  Many more of you haven’t, and that is just fine.  Some of you aren’t even on Facebook.  Congratulations.  Seriously. Your life is probably better because of it. But no matter which of the above categories you fall into, we here at TTAK would love if you could lend us a hand and you might even walk away with something pointy in the mail.

When I set up the page, I didn’t have a great picture to use for the banner at the top.  So I laid out a piece of black cloth as a background and tried (in vain) to be mildly artistic as I arranged a few of my personal knives.

The problem is, I am not a photographer, and I am much more of an artisan than I am an actual artist with photographic skill and a flair for composition.

I am sure that among our Edged Intelligentsia there is someone who can do a much better job at creating a cover photo for the page.  Minimum dimensions are 399 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall.  The ideal is 851 x 315.

Your picture does not need to be a still life like the one above.  Just obviously keep it knife/edged tool themed and nothing NSFW.  And in a glaring case of hypocrisy given our recent photos, firearm shots will probably not win.  Not because we don’t love knife with gun porn, it just is not the focus of the site. Otherwise, go wild.

Please either upload them to this album on the Facebook page, or email them to and I will put them up for you.  Deadline is April 15th.


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Announcing the TTAK Facebook Cover Photo Contest

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