Announcing the TTAK Jack-O-Lantern Contest


Reader Johnathan M. submits this example of his handiwork and offers up 3 “almost new” knives as prizes for a carving contest.

It is that time of year again, when little ghosts and goblins grace our doorsteps with buckets and pillowcases. The DVR is set to record “Great Pumpkin” and we make our annual pilgrimage to the corn-maze and pumpkin patch to select this year’s victims. That and deep-fried Oreos. I will get my yearly cardboard serving boat with 3 golden medallions of battered and powdered sugary goodness. I will have a private moment and quite possibly a foodgasm. But I digress…

Johnathan M., a loyal TTAK reader, sent us the picture above and offered up 3 knives from his collection as prizes for a carving contest. So send a picture of your sculpted gourd to and we will put it up on the blog for your fellow readers to judge.

The three knives are “mostly new”. They are all great knives, but for one reason or another they never made it into Jonathan’s rotation and he wants to pass them along. They are a Kershaw-Emerson, a SOG Trident, and a Spyderco Tenacious. There may be a scuff or two, but they are all essentially unused and we are grateful for his contribution.


Top to Bottom: SOG Trident, Spyderco Tenacious, and Kershaw-Emerson

I am still finalizing the rules, but I figure I will select my favorite, Jonathan will select one, and we will let the group select one via comments. So submit away and win some steel. Thanks Jonathan!



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Announcing the TTAK Jack-O-Lantern Contest

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