Announcing the TTAK March Knife Madness tournament

I have been mulling this idea over for a while, and after discussing it with David and Jake have decided to go for it this year. We are going to play a little game for the month of March, running a bracket-style “tournament” pitting pairs of manufacturers against each other in a completely subjective manner – gradually whittling it down to the overall champion.

We have selected 32 knife manufacturers and divided them into 4 regional divisions: USA Legacy, USA Modern, Import Eastern, and Import Western. Each morning in Round 1, we will announce the daily pairing. Then it is completely up to you, the readers. How you chose your favorite is completely subjective. It can be as simple as “I think X brand’s knives are ugly” or “my first knife was an X”. It can be from reviews we have run here at TTAK, which will be linked where applicable. I am certain name recognition will play a part. It doesn’t matter why you vote, just vote.

You can actually vote twice per day. Once in the comment section of each pairing, and once on our Facebook page. There you will be voting with a “Like” for Brand X and “Love” for brand Y. Each day’s winner will advance to Round 2.

The Regional seedings were selected at random from among the 8 companies in each division.

Legacy Division:

2. Schrade
3. Great Eastern Cutlery
4. Ontario
5. Case
6. Gerber
7. Buck
8. Utica Cutlery
Modern American:
1. Microtech
2. Zero Tolerance
3. Emerson
4. Hogue
5. Spyderco
7. Benchmade
Import Eastern:
1. Kershaw
2. Cold Steel
3. WE Knives
5. SOG
6. Al Mar
7. Kizer
8. Coast
Import Western:
1. Helle
2. Opinel
3. Morakniv
4. Condor
5. Victorinox
6. Lionsteel
7. Boker
8. Svord
These divisions aren’t perfect. Great Eastern Cutlery for example is not a “Legacy” company, but they are a major player in the traditional, American-made category. The random seedings are imperfect as well. Schrade for example must have had a heck of a season to end up a #2 season, likewise Al Mar at a #6 seems like a bit of a snub.
This whole thing is a bit of a lark, but it will give us an opportunity to bring you a kernel of the latest news from each company as well as being a logical occasion to link to our past reviews where applicable. We will also include social media and website information for each company.
So please vote each day as we post the matchups. I think this will be a fun exercise if everyone participates.
Have a look at the brackets, and pick your Final Four in the comments.


  1. Sam L. says:

    USA Legacy: Ka Bar,Ontario, Buck, Great Eastern

    USA Modern: TOPS, Spyderco, ZT, Emerson

    Imp. East: Kershaw, CRKT, Kizer, Al Mar

    Imp. West: Helle, Condor, Opinel, Morakniv

  2. Peter says:

    USA Legacy: KA BAR, Ontario, Buck, Great Eastern;

    USA Modern: Microtech, Spyderco, Zero Tolerance, Emersom;

    Import Eastern: Kershaw, CRKT, Kizer, WE Knives;

    Import Western: Halle, Victorinox, Opinel, Morakniv.

  3. Arctodus says:

    Legacy Division:
    Ka Bar
    (Although I like Ontario equally as much.
    Semper Fi)

    Modern American Division:
    (There can be no other)

    Import Eastern Division:
    Al Mar
    (Although SOG and Cold Steel will be close)

    Import Western Division:
    (I believe one of two others on this list will actually win, but I like Condor Knives better)

  4. Cadeyrn says:

    I think I will have a new goal for 2017: to own one of every knife that makes the semi-finals. As of today it is looking good!

    1. Great to hear. Glad you are enjoying it.

  5. Mary Roberts says:

    Case knives have been in business for over 100 years. They have continued a craftsmanship that is 2nd to no one. In fact not wavering from there original designs much. 100% Made In America! Thats what i call a Legacy!

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Announcing the TTAK March Knife Madness tournament

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