Another Bangladeshi Islamist machete-killing…


Bangladeshi Professor Rezaul Karim Siddique was hacked to death in what appears to be another jihadi attack.

Bangladesh has seen a rash of Islamist machete attacks against Christians, as well as secular and atheist writers and publishers. There was another attack Saturday that bears all of the same hallmarks of an Islamist attack: a group of masked assailants swarming the victim and hacking him with cleavers and machetes.

From Yahoo:

Unidentified attackers hacked to death a university professor in Bangladesh on Saturday, police said, adding that the assault bore the hallmarks of previous killings by Islamist militants of secular and atheist activists.

Police said English professor Rezaul Karim Siddique, 58, was hacked from behind with machetes as he walked to the bus station from his home in the country’s northwestern city of Rajshahi, where he taught at the city’s public university.

“His neck was hacked at least three times and was 70-80 percent slit. By examining the nature of the attack, we suspect that it was carried out by extremist groups,” Rajshahi Metropolitan Police commissioner Mohammad Shamsuddin told AFP.


Onlookers surround the body before police arrive.

Sod Islamists. If your faith is so weak that it can’t survive dissent, it isn’t faith at all. The world owes you no apology for your pathological inability to cope with modernity.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Maybe they just hate educators, but I’d bet against it. Education IS dangerous.

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Another Bangladeshi Islamist machete-killing…

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