Another Great Knife I Don’t Have: SOG Seal Pup

Image courtesy SOG KnivesI don’t always agree with the statement “A folding knife is a fixed-blade knife that’s already broken” but I acknowledge the logic behind it. The Blade Fairy (and the fickle whims of knifemakers’ marketing managers) has favored us with more folders than fixed-blades to date, but we’ve got our eyes on more fixed-blade knives to review. Including the mid-sized Seal Pup from SOG.

What’s not to love about 4.75″ of Titanium Nitride coated AUS 8 steel at a street price of about $80? Maybe that it’s made in China and Taiwan. I don’t avoid Chinese knives per se, but neither do I seek them out.

If there are any Seal Pup owners out there, what do you think of this knife? Should we review it or skip it?


  1. Steve in MA says:

    Heard great things, don’t own one…yet.

  2. Stephen M. says:

    I had one, and it definitely got it’s share of abuse. Used it for everything from cutting fiberglass insulation on the job as a carpenter to splitting off kindling to kitchen work and failed to break it. My only real complaint is it seems I was sharpening it constantly.

  3. Aharon says:

    Sure, go ahead and review it. Ideally, I’d like to learn more about the manufacturers of the knives along with the reviews.

  4. boardsnbikes says:

    Got one. It’s my go to hiking/backpacking knife. I was looking at a Reeve knife but for the price, the SOG Seal Pup won the prize. Mine’s made in Taiwan, if that matters.

  5. Sam L. says:

    Always preferred the look of Benchmade’s Nimravus.

  6. Charlie Johnson says:

    I’ve waffled over a Seal Pup for a long time now, and not bought one. I think a Cold Steel Kobun offers more value, or a Buck Endeavor/Sentry. Or more to the point, a SOG Northwest Ranger. Either way, in Texas, at least, I don’t see the point in the Seal Pup. Too much choil, not enough edge.

  7. D says:

    I think you should definitely do a review. I have a Seal Pup Elite, which unfortunately hasn’t been used for much more than whittling. So far, for lack of a better word, it is Awesome! (Oh, before I forget, the serrations are nice and the cut-out on the Kydex sheath works exactly as intended and without any safety risks, very sharp blade)

  8. Arran shirovay says:

    You don’t need to review it, It’s Gunny approved.

    Joking aside, I put this knife in the roughage catagory, a shelter builder, work knife
    Unlike my simple Norwegian blades for delicate work such as carving and fish prep, although the Seal pup could handle such duties, it just has a rebellious feel in the hand, I can tell its well made regardless of the factorys geographical location on this orb we all share.

    4/5 stars from me

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Another Great Knife I Don’t Have: SOG Seal Pup

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