Another Honor Student Expelled over “Zero-Tolerance” Idiocy

Detroit is such a lovely city (well, technically the suburb Dearborn Hts.). Their schools are in such great shape and they have crime so under control that they have time to bother with possibly ruining the life of a young woman who forgot she had her Grandfather’s pocketknife in her backpack.  Or at least dealing a heck of a blow to someone who was on track to escape from that failing city. (no offense intended to anyone who may reside in the 313, unless you vote for the status quo).


“Because it is illegal to carry any weapon on school grounds for any reason—even with good reason, or by accident—she was promptly expelled. The Board of Education eventually relented, but only slightly: Haynes is still suspended for the rest of the year, but will be able to take online classes and graduate. That’s hardly an improvement, given that Haynes is actively involved in extracurricular activities at her school.”

According to the MyFox Detroit, District officials say their hands are tied:

“Every discipline issue that comes to us as a school board is a blow to a student,” said. Tim Thieken, District 7 superintendent. “I think that she presented her case tonight but at the same time, as a school board, we are upheld by the state of Michigan to uphold the laws of the state of Michigan.”

Forgive me if my sympathy lies more with the student and less with you Mr. Thieken. If you really are so bothered by the policies you have to enforce, and really want to do what is best for the student, then you would be on the next bus to Lansing demanding the freedom to run your district in a fair manner and in a way that has your students’ best interest at heart.

If not, then you Sir are part of the problem and it is time for you go. You and your colleagues are worthy only of our scorn. Atiya Haynes deserves better than you.

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posted in response to Billy’s comment below:



  1. billdeserthills says:

    This is just what we need to make the movie “Idiocracy” a reality in our society!

  2. Billy says:

    Every time this happens, a libertarian is made.

    1. Billy,

      I don’t know if/how to post a picture in the comments. So I inserted my response above.


    2. DrDeano says:

      Billy.. Let’s hope so. But the stupid is strong in America still.

    3. Libertarianism – the people who (should logically) argue that Muslim men have every right to marry and have sex with eight-year old girls, because FREEDOM!

      1. Fnord says:

        You seem to have forgotten the rights of the eight year old girls (or anyone for that matter) to not be abused. Individual liberty requires upholding the liberty of… all individuals.

      2. R Shackleford says:

        And once again, a leftist nitwit (but I repeat myself) confuses Anarchy with Libertarianism. Why don’t you move to North Korea if you want to live in a ‘progressive’ society. It’s the same as Sweden by your standards of ‘judgment’.

      3. bour3 says:

        Tell us more of your cartoons, Steve. This could be entertaining.

      4. Strange thing is, I can’t tell if he is a left wing troll or a more traditional conservative trolling Libertarianism. The email appears to be legit. His hyperlink goes to “Culture War Notes” which looks to be a rip-off of Drudge, with a “Turbo-Con” leaning. It would be a weird choice for a lefty-troll to link to.


      5. JB says:

        Good God, you’re a dick. I know it doesn’t elevate the conversation, but it had to be said.

  3. ChuckN says:

    Because if there’s one thing the Detroit school
    system needs to do it’s drive out the smart kids
    in lieu of the repeat offenders and bangers.

  4. Duncan Idaho says:

    Christ, and school administration personnel wonder why kids won’t talk to them when they have problems.

  5. Pre-emptive punishment never made much sense to me. If a kid brandishes a knife or threatens someone thats one thing but merely having an EDC with a knife? Ridiculous.

  6. great unknown says:

    The school administration is just a small branch of the great tree of progress, understanding, and common-sense which grows in the State Capital. You know, the people and organizations that are responsible for that showcase of progressiveness called Detroit.

    From them, you want an intelligent result?

  7. jetty says:

    For the love of God and all things sacred, keep your children out of public schools.

  8. Patrick Henry says:

    As someone else has said: Tar. Feathers.

    1. Sage advice from the Blogfather.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. HempRopeAndStreetlight says:

      Rope. Firing squads.

      1. Jon Brooks says:

        And they won’t get that last cigarette either with a liberal firing squad its bad for their health.

  9. David OHara says:

    Stupidity is rampant in public education to the point that it is no wonder kids don’t learn, they know they are being educamated by idiots.
    In the early 70s when I went to high school at one of the poorest schools in N. FL with 52% white and 48% black and everyone expected violence (it didn’t happen), I always carried a pocketknife to sharpen my pencils. I’d pull it out in the middle of a test and sharpen away. NOBODY thought anything of it.
    I also carried a .22 rifle in my car to shoot cans in the woods after school and nobody thought anything of it.

  10. fred17 says:

    I attended public schools way back when God was allowed.Right and wrong were recognized. ands school districts were not run by left wing idiots.

  11. Sam L. says:

    Instalanche on the way!

  12. CaptDMO says:

    “Instalanche on the way!”
    Nah, Y’all seem to have a good grip on it.

  13. Mahon says:

    Zero tolerance is the refuge of cowards and fools. It is an “official” way to avoid the necessity of making judgments and accepting responsibility. It is the bureaucrats way of saying “I’m just here for my pension; don’t expect me to make any actual decisions.”

  14. Neal K says:

    “Every discipline issue that comes to us as a school board is a blow to a student,” said. Tim Thieken, District 7 superintendent. “I think that she presented her case tonight but at the same time, as a school board, we are upheld by the state of Michigan to uphold the laws of the state of Michigan.”

    This “educator” appears to not know the meaning of the word “upheld”. Or maybe he uses “upheld” like Smurfs use “smurf”.

    1. CptNerd says:

      He’s obviously one of the “credentialed but not educated”. There’s probably a piece of parchment on his wall that says so, not that he could read it.

    2. Smurf Him, and the Smurf he Smurfed in on.

  15. Mastro says:

    Well- she could have been carrying for her drug dealing boyfriend, etc. There are plenty of women who make a lot of straw purchases of guns for their BF’s.

  16. HempRopeAndStreetlight says:

    Worthy of our scorn?

    No sir. This son of a bitch is worthy of a public execution, preferably by dumping the worthless hunk of sub-human detritus off the nearest stoplight with a good stout rope twisted around his apparatchik neck.

    Until these mid-level goons enforcing FedGovCo’s “will” start suffering continuity of existence failures – EN MASS – jack and SHIT will change in this nation. There is not a nickel’s worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats at this point, and we are left with two options:

    Accept your chains – or don’t.

    Choose well.

  17. DensityDuck says:

    The whole point of ZT policies is to shield the school district from racial-discrimination lawsuits. One man’s “exercise reasonable discretion” is another man’s “punish all the black kids, let all the white kids get away with whatever”. But with mandatory-sentence ZT policies, well, everyone gets the same punishment, so you can’t sue me because it’s objective and not racist, right?

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Another Honor Student Expelled over “Zero-Tolerance” Idiocy

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