Another Knife Rampage In China. I’ve Lost Count Now.

Map courtesy WikipediaWhat is going on with knife rampages in China? Five people were stabbed to death Friday in yet another rampage, this time in a market in the inland Southeast province of Hunan. Authorities say that one vendor stabbed another vendor in a business dispute and then went on a stabbing spree through the market before being shot and killed by police.

Even in China where police and surveillance are everywhere, when seconds count they’re still minutes away.

From CNN:

According to an official statement from the city’s police department, at round 10.15 a.m. local time, two vendors got into a fight after a quarrel inside the Shahuqiao wet market in the Wujialing neighborhood of Kaifu District in Changsha City.

One person was hacked to death. The fleeing perpetrator then stabbed at four innocent bystanders, two of whom died on the scene. Police quickly responded and killed the perpetrator upon arrival at the scene. The two injured bystanders were sent to hospital but later died.

The state-run Xinhua news agency identified the two vendors as Hebir Turdi and Memet Abla. It said Turdi killed Abla before stabbing four people as he fled, adding that he was eventually shot dead by police.

A witness working at a clinic nearby, who declined to be named, told CNN: “It was an internal dispute. One of their own people got stabbed to death. An old lady walked out of a shop there, and she was trying to mediate, saying: ‘Don’t do this. You can talk through this.’ Then she was suddenly hacked at.

“The knives they were using were not long — just kitchen knives. I saw one dropped on the ground.”

After a year of monitoring knife rampages in China, I’ve lost count of how many innocents have been hacked and stabbed to death. Some massacres, like last month’s train-station attack that killed dozens, are the work of restive ethnic separatist groups. Most others, like this one, are the work of deranged individuals.

This incident might have been ended as a Defensive Gun Use in many American cities, but this is Changsha City and not Kansas City.

There are no DGU’s in China. China’s authoritarian government is paranoid of dissent and disorder, and the nation’s harsh weapon-control laws leave its citizens helpless against the ruthless and insane.




  1. chuck k says:

    Watch this guy attack and stab 3 cops with rifles. Proves the 21 foot rule and then some.

  2. TZH says:

    owning a gun or knife won’t guarantee your safety, but I prefer having a “small” advantage of being able to fight back & survive as opposed to being unarmed and having no edge at all.

    oh and having other like-minded good folks nearby is a great thing too. sometimes they rise to the occasion

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Another Knife Rampage In China. I’ve Lost Count Now.

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