Another New York machete attack leaves woman wounded on train.


The suspect, seen here, is still at large. (photo NY Daily News)

It turns out that there have been a rash of subway slashings in New York – 3 this week alone. In fact, there have been 286 slashing/stabbing incidents in NYC this year, a 14% year-over-year increase. Most incidents are minor and only make local news, but the machete and subway trend gave this particular case broader circulation even if the woman was barely cut in this instance.

From NYDailyNews:

A menacing maniac with a machete hacked a woman’s hand after allegedly threatening to “chop” her up aboard the 3 train in Brooklyn — the third slashing of a straphanger this week.

An argument ensued with the man sporting a green cap, camouflage pants, gray backpack and black messenger bag, but all three got aboard…

As the subway rumbled toward the Eastern Parkway station around 9:30 p.m., all hell broke loose.

“I’ll find your a– at home!” the suspect allegedly yelled.

He reached into his messenger bag and pulled out an object around 2 feet long wrapped in a gray cloth, police sources said.

The sisters told police they believe the object was a machete

“I’ll chop you up right on this fu–ing train! The police aren’t here now. You’re trying to get help from the crowd. They can’t help you! I can just chop you and they can’t do nothing!” the psycho yelled, according to police sources.

The suspect put the object back in the bag and took a seat across from the terrified sisters — who filmed much of the encounter — about five feet away, sources said.

When the train arrived at the Eastern Parkway station the suspect got up and moved towards the door, but again threatened Lewis.

“What are you blocking the door for?” he allegedly said.

As he stepped off the train he again pulled the object — still covered with the cloth — out of his bag and hacked at Lewis but missed, sources said.

As the doors closed he made another chop — and struck Lewis on the right hand, police sources said.

The victim’s cut did not require stitches and the suspect remains at large. An arrest was made today from a separate attack Monday.


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Another New York machete attack leaves woman wounded on train.

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