Another Real Knife Fight; Three Critically Injured In Seattle.

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Like most knife fights, this one had no winners, only survivors. Two car prowlers are in a Seattle hospital with life-threatening injuries, after starting a knife fight with two men drinking beer in a stairwell in south Seattle’s Mount Baker neighborhood (shown above) on Thursday night. One of their victims is also hospitalized, while the other was treated at the scene and released. All are expected to survive.

From KOMO News Seattle:

Two men had just broken into a car parked near S. Hanford Street and Moorse Ave. S., said Det. Jeff Kappel with Seattle police. As the men ran from the car, they headed down a stairwell where the ran into two other men sitting on the stairs drinking beer.

The men started shouting at each other, at which point one of the suspected prowlers pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the men on the stairs, Kappel said. The friend of the victim then pulled out a knife and stabbed both car prowl suspects, critically wounding both.

The unnamed ‘friend’ was lucky here; he was treated and released by EMTs, and then questioned and released by the Seattle Police Department. His buddy wasn’t as lucky, although he’ll eventually go home in one piece.

The two car prowlers are even less fortunate, although they don’t deserve any sympathy for their predicament. They can expect Attempted Murder charges once they’re medically stable enough to be transported to the King County Jail.



  1. Derek says:

    “…critically wounding both.”

    His crit rate must be insane… :mrgreen:

    1. gloomhound says:

      …and that is one nerd point for you.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Beer d/n affect his accuracy.

  3. mike says:

    Eh, google news is filled with knife fights every day. If you google Knife, you have to add -police and -fight to see any non-violent news.

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Another Real Knife Fight; Three Critically Injured In Seattle.

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