Another “Weapon Free Zone”, Another violent attack…


A nurse at the Olive View-UCLA Med. Center is in critical condition after being stabbed while at work.

While the Easter Bunny was busy hiding eggs in our house early Sunday Morning, 26-year-old Romiro Carnalla of Los Angeles showed a blatant disregard for posted “No Weapons” signs at the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center when he stabbed an on-duty nurse multiple times in the chest and torso. The nurse is now in intensive care in critical condition.  The suspect is under arrest.

From CBSLocalLA:

“The incident at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center happened about 2 a.m.

Prior to the stabbing, deputies said the suspect had entered the hospital and allegedly bypassed the screening area.

As authorities searched for him, they heard a woman scream, and located the nurse.

“They located the victim, a female adult,” the statement said. “She was stabbed an unknown number of times in the upper and lower torso.”

The suspect and victim did not know each other, and no motive was mentioned. While there are not enough details to determine whether an alert individual with a CCW might have been able to prevent the attack, what is certain is that “Weapon Free” zones are as much a fantasy as our lagomorphic friend or his cousin Harvey.


  1. billdeserthills says:

    Gun-Free zones are simply places where liberals have deemed that criminals Will read & follow the law. People with their brains intact understand that criminals are people who do Not follow the law. Hey I’m sure somewhere right now a liberal is busy thinking up another law that will fix this whole situation, as soon as criminals begin following the law.

  2. daveinwyo says:

    The local hospital has a NO Weapons sign. This is for guns and knives both. I WILL NOT be disarmed, period. I once asked about on site security, the response was 9-1-1. Way not good enough. Best cop response time in normal traffic is about 8 minuets. Bad guy-done in one.

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Another “Weapon Free Zone”, Another violent attack…

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