Arkansas Man Hijacks School Bus With Knife. Nobody Gets Hurt. Whew.

Image courtesy Jacksonville, AR Police Dept.

Nicholas Miller (shown here) had no car, but he really needed a ride on October 17th. According to police, he believed that mysterious ‘people were after him’ and he needed to escape from them to save his life.

So he pulled a knife and tried to steal a car from a pedestrian. When that endeavor (rather predictably) failed to produce a car, Miller allegedly carjacked a bus full of schoolchildren. Luckily, the incident ended without injury.

From NBC News:

Jacksonville Police said Nicholas John Miller, 22, a resident of  the city, was on North First Street at around 7 a.m. Thursday morning when he demanded a car from a woman walking along the street at knifepoint, but the woman did not have a car to give him.

Miller then turned to a elementary school bus that had made a routine stop at a nearby apartment complex, Jacksonville Police Captain Kenny Boyd said. Knife in hand, Miller got on the bus and made the driver flee the scene before taking over driver’s seat himself.

“The bus would not stop so the pursuit lasted for about eight to ten miles,” Capt. Boyd said, noting that the bus was driving between 30 and 50 miles per hour.

Spike strips were deployed by another Arkansas police department assisting in the chase, Capt. Boyd said. Miller stopped the bus when he saw the spikes and was taken into custody by police at Highway 5 and Mountain Springs Road in Cabot, Ark.

This guy is only twenty-two years old? From this picture I would have guessed he was in his late 30’s at least. A short lifetime of heavy drug abuse will probably do that to you.


  1. Matt in FL says:

    One of the things he’s charged with is “vehicle piracy.” How awesome is that?

    1. jwm says:

      We need a statement from Russ Bixby on this. He likes to talk like a pirate. As for dude, I’m guessing meth. Looks and behaviuor point in that direction.

  2. C says:

    With all of these kids bringing weapons onto school buses these days, he’s lucky that he wasn’t shot with a lego gun!

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Arkansas Man Hijacks School Bus With Knife. Nobody Gets Hurt. Whew.

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