“Asian woman” stabs 15 year old on UK bus; disarmed by grandmother


An “Asian” woman stabbed a 15 year old on a UK bus.

Unless the woman was flat out nuts, this was a completely random and unprovoked attack. The boy is lucky that his grandmother was there to disarm the perp (who escaped). He is also lucky to have only been lightly wounded. Chef’s knives are the most likely to be used in a fatal stabbing. Not common EDC locking folders which the UK authorities are so obsessed with.

From TelegraphUK:

Officers from the Metropolitan Police have released CCTV footage in an attempt to identify a woman who attempted to stab a teenage boy on a bus in Lambeth.

On December 26, 2015, at about 12:30, the 15-year-old boy boarded a Route 133 bus on Brixton Road with his 51-year-old grandmother.

The suspect, who was already on the bus, approached the victim and produced a large kitchen knife, which she attempted to stab the victim with.

The victim’s grandmother intervened and managed to disarm the suspect, who then got off the bus and fled towards Oval.

The victim suffered a minor cut to the stomach.

The suspect is described as an Asian woman, aged about 20 to 30-years-old. She wore a distinctive headscarf with a kangaroo print.

The euphemisms run strong in this story. “Asian woman in headscarf” is UK media-speak for “Muslim woman in hijab”. Heaven forbid they sound islamophobic over what might just have the hallmarks of a jihadi-inspired attack. It might offend someone.

Remember, the Rotherham rape scandal where more than 1400 children were systematically abused for more than a decade was perpetrated largely by men of Pakistani origin. Or “Asian” as they were called in the UK media.



  1. fishydude says:

    In the UK, “Asian” is used for anyone not from China/Japan/Korea.
    These days it seems the term is used to avoid saying Muslim.
    After all, she does appear to be dressed as a Muslim.
    And those very strict knife laws in the UK didn’t stop the attack.

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“Asian woman” stabs 15 year old on UK bus; disarmed by grandmother

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