Asking the important questions: Will a bulletproof vest stop an arrow?

I am not surprised at the result. Granted, this was ridiculously close range, but there is a tremendous amount of force in the point of an arrow.  Just ask medieval knights.

I am even less surprised by the crossbow result – Pope Urban actually banned their use against Christians in 1096.

From Wide Open Spaces:

The compound had a Muzzy broadhead, and it appears it would have only poked the skin. I’d consider that a success.

However, the crossbow had quite a bit more penetration, and in fact, it could have been potentially fatal. Without a bulletproof vest, both shots would have been a clean passthrough at that shooting distance.


  1. Nail nick says:

    Id like to see other heads used . that Muzzy is a chisel point ,a cut on contact will typically penetrate with less resistance and a two blade even more so . On deer it’s often a mute point as both styles will get a pass through with today’s bows . On the vest I’d bet a two blade cut on contact would penetrate much further .

    Arrow weight also has big effect .

  2. Wade says:

    Plus what was that vest rated at anyway, level 2? What about a level 3A?, that may have stopped both the arrow and that bolt. Btw, going by that video, it did stop the arrow, you titled this wrong since a bolt was used too. Any of the hard rifle plates would stop both.

  3. McNamara says:

    There is a great piece by Mike Loades on a long bow vs plate armour. Due to the mass of the arrow the force imparted at impact was similar to a .44

    If it’s enough to puncture 10 gauge steel and take a man off a horse, body armour will be penetrated but how deep is the question.

    Now with the new metal foam armour coming soon, will be interesting to see.

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Asking the important questions: Will a bulletproof vest stop an arrow?

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