Know Your Knives: The Steak Knife

Most of have probably never thought about the origin of the steak knife. I know I haven’t, but in times of old, the steak knife would have been superfluous. In medieval times, before the widespread adoption of the fork, a sharp knife was the primary implement for consuming meals. At least until events set into […]

Making a Gentleman’s Hunting Knife

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an Advanced Knifemaking class at L.T. Wright’s shop. I’ve already covered the Beginner and Intermediate classes on these pages, so rather than rehash the narrative, I hope you’ll enjoy these progress and finished photos of the blade I built at the class.

Hogue X1-Microflip Update: No More Dealbreakers

When I first reviewed the Hogue X1-Microflip, there was one thing keeping me from making a full-throated endorsement: the light button lock presented some safety issues. Good news is that Hogue had already initiated a revision to the knife, introducing a stronger spring and lower profile button to alleviate those issues. I’ve spent the last […]

5 From The Grinder with Ethan Becker

Late in the summer of 2016 I sat down with one of the more successful knife designers of our modern era, none other than Ethan Becker, and recorded our conversation as we worked through our  series of “5 From The Grinder” questions. This post has been a long time coming, and I have to apologize to […]