Scout Knives and Lessons Learned

I love a story about a good Boy Scout knife. My Camillus BSA Whittler was my first real knife, given to me by my father. Much like the author of this article: “Lasting love with a boyhood Scout knife,” my knife has grown with me over the years.

Nordsmith Update: January 2018

First off, let me apologize for the slightly lower presence I have had on these pages of late. The demands on my time lately have been as high as they have ever been. Between my day job, hunting for and finding our first house with my wife, and my latest Nordsmith release, I have not […]

Sunday Funny: Baton It All!

Our article “In Defense of Batoning” was one of the first things I wrote for The Truth About Knives. I think the subject is probably the most divisive in knifedom (with the occasional detour into Cold Steel Lawsuit Land). To this day we still get the occasional comment on that post… usually slamming me or […]

Know Your Knives: The Steak Knife

Most of have probably never thought about the origin of the steak knife. I know I haven’t, but in times of old, the steak knife would have been superfluous. In medieval times, before the widespread adoption of the fork, a sharp knife was the primary implement for consuming meals. At least until events set into […]