Happy Armistice Day

I will take “Veterans Day” if you prefer. I think in America, we have rounded a corner. There was a time in America (at least so I am told) that veterans were not treated with much respect. I think, for a while now, the general culture has been pro-vet. As a veteran, I am appreciative […]

Nature’s Knives: Sharks

Sharks have been killing and eating other animals for a long time. They do this in a manner somewhat different from other large predators. Welcome to our second edition of Nature’s Knives: Sharks. There are two appreciative differences between shark teeth and those of most other predators: sheer number and the fact that they are […]

Ax Review: Harbor Freight Fireman’s Hatchet

Short Story: The Harbor Freight Fireman’s Hatchet is a “fixer upper”. Long Story: Here it goes. This tool has the potential to be a low dollar high value asset. It definitely gets the low dollar part right. It retails for 20 USD minus 20% with the Harbor Freight coupon that is so common it is […]

Obscure Machete Martial-Art form

  I have been sitting on this for awhile. I am not entirely sure what to make of it. I do know there are many obscure martial arts like this one around the world. I also know that for many around around said world, a machete is about all a man can afford. What I […]

Game of Thrones: Caution Rant

  TTAK has never done a post dedicated to Game of Thrones. It has mentioned it a few times but never its own “thing” until now. On the heels of the season 7 finale it is a good time to make this happen. So here is my serious nerd nit pick that could be a […]

Nature’s Knives: Stone Fish

If this post takes off then “Nature’s Knives” might be a reoccurring segment on TTAK. I have been wanting to write several articles on the subject as nature provides some awesome examples of problem solving “blades” for lack of a better term. These examples can and have been reversed engineered to make some spectacular tools […]