The Weapons Of Stranger Things

*Warning spoilers for Stranger Things Seasons 1 & 2. The Netflix show Stranger Things is all the rage these days. It is fairly original while borrowing from several 80’s movie classics. What it surprisingly manages to be is very pro-empowerment and pro-weapon. Let me count the ways . . . Likable jock Steve Harrington wields […]

Happy Armistice Day

I will take “Veterans Day” if you prefer. I think in America, we have rounded a corner. There was a time in America (at least so I am told) that veterans were not treated with much respect. I think, for a while now, the general culture has been pro-vet. As a veteran, I am appreciative […]

Nature’s Knives: Sharks

Sharks have been killing and eating other animals for a long time. They do this in a manner somewhat different from other large predators. Welcome to our second edition of Nature’s Knives: Sharks. There are two appreciative differences between shark teeth and those of most other predators: sheer number and the fact that they are […]

Ax Review: Harbor Freight Fireman’s Hatchet

Short Story: The Harbor Freight Fireman’s Hatchet is a “fixer upper”. Long Story: Here it goes. This tool has the potential to be a low dollar high value asset. It definitely gets the low dollar part right. It retails for 20 USD minus 20% with the Harbor Freight coupon that is so common it is […]